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  • Tricolor Thai Fruit Jelly

    About Tricolor Thai Fruit Jelly Recipe: A mouth-watering dessert to gorge on! Thai fruit jelly is a delicious, sweet and immensely refreshing jar of dessert that you can prepare at home with a few simple ...

  • Sangria Jelly

    Craving something sweet but also need a drink to calm your nerves before that super important meeting at work? Bite into that delicious sangria jelly and let your craving be satisfied while your thirst, too, ...

  • Mango Dome with Strawberry Jelly

    Mango Dome with strawberry Jelly is a delicious combination of the summer favourite Mango and the juicy strawberries. A luscious mango dessert you just wouldn't be able to resist!

  • Melon Jellos

    About Melon Jellos Recipe /: Moulds made with melon, filled with a fruity mix and left to set. The result is a fresh, summery dessert!

  • Jell-O-Shots

    An easy yet impressive recipe with ample room to throw in your own creativity with shapes, colors, flavors etc.

  • Jelly Mould

    The all time favorite sweet treat. Relish is as it is or with your favorite toppings.

  • Chocolate Pots

    A treat of tasty and nutty dessert for all those chocolate lovers with a dash of rum!

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