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  • Chemmeen Biryani

    Chemmeen biryani is made of prawns. The bite-sized prawns are left in a juicy marinade and later cooked in a rich gravy, layers of the biryani rice are topped with these prawns, cashews, raisins and ...

  • Chemmeen Moru Curry

    About Chemmeen Moru Curry Recipe: A hot and spicy, thick fish curry that you can easily prepare at home. Fish pieces simmered in a host of spices along with curd. Chemmeen moru curry is just ...

  • Neymeen Curry (Seer/Surmai)

    About Neymeen Curry (Seer/Surmai) Recipe: A delicious fish curry that you wouldn't want to miss! Ney-meen or King fish is used in this recipe to make a tempting curry that can be easily made at ...

  • Karimeen Polichattu

    About Karimeen Polichattu Recipe: Marinated karimeen or pearl spot fish wrapped up in a banana leaf and steamed till done. Served with some steamed rice, this dish is a delicious option to cook during the ...

  • Chemeen Thoren

    Prawns marinated and cooked with turmeric, chilli and garlic. Served hot with a garnish of coconut and curry leaves.

  • Meen Mulligatanni

    This simple fish curry is to die for. Based in thick coconut milk, it is made from a handful of ingredients, chilli being the most prominent one. It tastes best when served with rice.

  • Kerala Fish Fry (Meen Varathathu)

    A lovely serving of fried fish from down South. Fish enriched with ginger, methi seeds, coriander powder and fried crisp.

  • Fried Fish (Karimeen)

    Karimeen fish marinated in an assortment of masalas, fried in coconut oil and tempered with curry leaves.

  • Meen Kozhambu

    Chef Bhatt cooks up an authentic Tamil Nadu dish called Meen Kozhambu. 'Meen' means fish and 'Kozhambu' is a gravy preparation made with a lot of tamarind and chilly powder. A hot and sour dish.

  • Meen Murringakka Curry

    A deletable sardine fish curry with tamarind, coconut and drumsticks (murringakka). Tempered with shallots and red chillies. Serve with steamed rice. This recipe is absolutely delicious.

  • Meen Chuttully

    Mullet fish cooked with slightly burnt shallots. Served with grilled coriander potatoes and masala stuffed okra.

  • Karimeen Pollichathu

    About Karimeen Pollichathu Recipe: Marinated pearl spot fish wrapped up in a banana leaf and steamed till done. Serve with some steamed rice.

  • Meen Alleppey Curry with Brown Rice

    About Meen Alleppey Curry with Brown Rice Recipe: A traditional fish curry that is light and aromatic stewed in tangy raw mangoes and infused with coconut milk. Served with steamed brown rice.

  • Meen Moilee with Steamed Rice

    Kerala style fish in coconut curry, flavored with green chilli, curry leaves and turmeric. Served with steamed rice.

  • Meen Vazhakkai Chops

    About Meen Vazhakkai Chops Recipe: Crispy banana and fish, tossed in spicy masala, served with shallots, curry leaves and coconut. A delicious dinner party recipe that you can cook easily at home. Filled with the ...

  • Alleppey Chemeen Curry

    Grilled prawns and shrimp simmered in coconut gravy, served with red rice and cherry tomatoes.

  • Meen Curry with Ghee Bhaat

    Fish fillets cooked in coconut milk with aromatic spices. Served with rice tossed in desi ghee.

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