Weight Loss: 4 Cruciferous Vegetables That May Help You Lose Weight

Shreya Bhardwaj  |  Updated: March 02, 2020 11:53 IST

Weight Loss: 4 Cruciferous Vegetables That May Help You Lose Weight
  • Green vegetables rich in vitamins, fibers and nutrients is all you need.
  • Broccoli, cabbage, Brussel sprouts and cauliflower help you reduce weight
  • Have greens and lose weight: new mantra!

If you are trying to shed those extra kilos, then a diet with a combination of green vegetables - rich in all the vitamins, fibre, nutrients and anti-oxidants - is all you need. Green vegetables are the closest thing to magic food, which literally serves all your purposes, from eating good to looking good. Not only eating green vegetables promote good immune system but also the low calorie content in green veggies makes them a part of many fad diets. Everyone knows that eating vegetables has a plentiful health benefits; but like all the other eatables, each vegetable has its own nutrition content and benefits, and some are indeed better than the others. For example, cruciferous vegetables, which are a part of brassica genus of plants like broccoli, Brussel sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, are some of the leafy greens that are considered healthier and more beneficial for losing weight than other vegetables.

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low carb diet weight lossGreen vegetables - rich in all the vitamins, fibre,nutrients and anti-oxidants is all you need.

Cruciferous Vegetables And Salads


Traditionally, salads were known to be prepared with only raw vegetables like cabbage, tomatoes and onions, but with time, salad from just a side dish became a whole healthy meal. People who do not like fruits can relish on salads mixed with veggies, which fulfil the requirement of a whole meal with a touch of refreshing tasteful vegetables leaves. High-fibre salads (with green vegetables) are low in cholesterol, which prevent constipation, help your get better skin, provide with all the vitamins and, thus, help you lead to your ultimate health goals.

Here is a list of cruciferous vegetables that help you lose weight:


Coming from cabbage family, broccoli is one of the tastiest green veggies, which we must include in our diet. Apart from its exceptionally mouth-watering taste, it is great for our health and also helps us lose weight. Broccoli is a powerful anti-oxidant, which helps in cholesterol reduction and is also good for heart and bone health. It is also known to manage our blood pressure levels. But, how does broccoli help in losing weight you ask? Broccoli is a low-calorie and low fat veggie, but at the same time, it is high in dietary fibre, which makes for a quite filling meal, so that you don't feel hungry for longer time. Its high protein content makes it a perfect protein-rich food for vegans and vegetarians.

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broccoli pratha

Broccoli is a powerful anti-oxidant, which helps in cholesterol reduction


Cabbage is also a part of cruciferous family. Just like all the other cruciferous vegetables, cabbage is also rich in anti-oxidants and many vitamins. Fermented cabbage is quite helpful in reducing weight, as fermenting is done with the help of bacteria called the probiotics. When we consume food containing probiotics, it takes a short-term residence in our digestive system, which plays an important role in improving our overall body metabolism. Eating a low-calorie dense food is good for health as it reduces the need to eat after a short intervals. Cabbage soup diet is also quite preferable for quick weight loss as it is easy to follow and continues for a short period of time. Adding cabbage soup to your diet can't be that hard, right?

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cabbageCabbage has vitamin C in abundance

Brussel Sprouts

High in protein, nutrients, vitamin K and C, and fibre, Brussel sprouts are a part of Brassicaceae family and are, thus, closely related to cauliflower and cabbage.

Brussel sprouts are low in fat and calories, but are high in protein consistency. However, it does not fulfil the requirement of a whole healthy meal, therefore, you can always pair them with chicken, fish and meat to fulfil the requirement of amino acid. You can sometimes also skip a meal of high-calorie meat and just have Brussel sprouts and grains. Brussel sprouts are high in calcium, potassium and has zero saturated fat. So, load up on these sprouts to lose weight. Make sure you don't overcook your Brussel sprouts, as they tend to lose their vitamin C content very easily.

uerb6f0oBrussel sprouts are low in fat and calories, but are high in protein consistency.


A part of the cruciferous family, cauliflower is quite beneficial for weight loss. It is an excellent source of anti-oxidants and is high in choline nutrient, which boosts metabolism and unification of cell membranes.  Cauliflower is a very common vegetable, used in preparing many dishes and salads. It has a calorie content of 25 calories per 100 gm, which is quite less and, thus, is great for you if your looking to shed those extra kilos. Cauliflower slows down the process of digestion because of its high fibre content, creating a feeling of fullness, which automatically reduces your hunger pangs. About 92% of the cauliflower's weight is all water. Consuming lots of water-dense, low-calorie food is ideal for weight loss.

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cauliflower 625Cauliflower is an excellent source of anti-oxidants and is high in choline nutrient.

Experts suggest to consume cauliflower and broccoli only when they are boiled to kill as they are associated with brain worms. Have greens and lose weight is the new mantra!


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