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  • Grilled Chicken in Mustard Sauce

    Chicken breast seasoned with salt & pepper, pungent mustard sauce with cream, onions and white wine, grilled to perfection.

  • Mustard Lamb

    Marinated pieces of lamb shallow fried and served with a pungent mustard sauce with bacon, whiskey and cream.

  • Mustard Sauce

    The classic pungent tasting mustard sauce, now made at home.

  • Mustard Ginga

    Prawns marinated in mustard and other spices, wrapped in foil and baked.

  • Poulet A La Moutarde

    Chicken coated in mustard, served with an easy Bechamel sauce

  • Poulet A La Mourtade (Chicken Dijon)

    A sharp restaurant styled dish laced in mustard and cooked in a creamy, butter milk based sauce.

  • Aamti

    An appetizing Maharashtrian style dal made with yellow gram dal. Tempered with chillies, garam masala, curry leaves and mustard seeds.

  • Honey and Whole Grain Mustard Chicken

    Chicken marinated in honey and homemade mustard paste, baked till tender.

  • Lentil Koftas in Mustard Sauce

    Black lentils soaked and ground to blend with some of the most flavourful spices. Made into beautiful koftas, bathed in aromatic mustard sauce.

  • South Indian Fried Chicken

    Spicy chicken fried with mustard seeds and lentils.

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