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'Mustard' - 493 Recipe Result(s)

  • Grilled Chicken in Mustard Sauce

    Chicken breast seasoned with salt & pepper, pungent mustard sauce with cream, onions and white wine, grilled to perfection.

  • Mustard Lamb

    Marinated pieces of lamb shallow fried and served with a pungent mustard sauce with bacon, whiskey and cream.

  • Mustard Sauce

    The classic pungent tasting mustard sauce, now made at home.

  • Mustard Ginga

    Prawns marinated in mustard and other spices, wrapped in foil and baked.

  • Poulet A La Moutarde

    Chicken coated in mustard, served with an easy Bechamel sauce

  • Poulet A La Mourtade (Chicken Dijon)

    A sharp restaurant styled dish laced in mustard and cooked in a creamy, butter milk based sauce.

  • Honey and Whole Grain Mustard Chicken

    Chicken marinated in honey and homemade mustard paste, baked till tender.

  • Lentil Koftas in Mustard Sauce

    Black lentils soaked and ground to blend with some of the most flavourful spices. Made into beautiful koftas, bathed in aromatic mustard sauce.

  • South Indian Fried Chicken

    Spicy chicken fried with mustard seeds and lentils.

  • Sarson da Saag

    Nothing is more quintessentially Punjabi than sarson da saag paired with makki di roti. A stew-like preparation made with mustard greens.

'Mustard' - 19 Article Result(s)

  • Why mustard is good for you

    A hit in the kitchen thanks to its pungent kick, mustard once lived in the medicine cabinet ...Mustard, and mustard seed, is an indispensable ingredient in any cook's larder. Whole, mercury-black mustard seeds, either dry ...

  • How to cook with mustard seeds | Storecupboard Challenge

    Vivek Singh, the Cinnamon Club exexutive chef, works his magic with this unsung spice heroBlack mustard seeds are extremely versatile, and one of the few spices that are commonly used across all regions of India. ...

  • Mustard Recipes | Readers' Recipe Swap

    We're as keen as, well, you-know-what on your ideas for this fiery favourite...Your heady inventions made picking a winner this week particularly hard. Angela Kim's creamy mustard chicken with green peppercorns was simple yet indulgent, ...

  • Rajasthan, India's Top Mustard Producing State, Sees Higher Output

    Mustard output in Rajasthan, India's top producing state, will rise more than a fifth this year, according to a government estimate, but some farmers voiced scepticism of the forecast as lower sowing levels and a ...

  • Genetically Modified Mustard Cultivation Faces Stiff Protest

    Activist forum, GM-Free Bengal, has opposed purported government efforts to approve genetically modified mustard for commercial cultivation.

  • Nigel Slater's Lamb With Mustard and Coconut Recipe

    Enjoy a meal that's sharp and sweet.The recipe Spoon 160 ml of coconut cream into a shallow bowl. Add 2 tsp of ground coriander, 2 level tbsp of black mustard seeds and a grinding of ...

  • It's About to Get Messy: Ketchup and Mustard are at War

    American shoppers will find themselves in the middle of a seriously interesting condiment war, one that's about to get very messy.

  • Wasabi: This Japanese Cousin of Mustard Can Actually Rule Your Kitchen

    Wasabi is often mistaken to be horseradish. Although it belongs to the same family Brassicaceae, which also includes mustard, it is very different from its cousins.

  • Bong Bang On!

    In the sophisticated new Bengali restaurant in Bandra, fried Bhetki doesn't drip oil, the mustard doesn't burn your palate, and the dessert is not sickeningly sweet.Help is finally at hand for connoisseurs of Bengali cuisine, ...

  • Alys Fowler: Horseradish

    Fresh horseradish, unlike the preserved stuff, has the devil inside it.If you've ever grated fresh horseradish you'll know it has the devil inside it. The roots contain a compound that when broken down releases wild, ...