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  • Orange Tofu Dumplings

    Winner of the weekly Guilt Free contest makes some innovative tofu and rava dumplings stuffed with spinach, mushrooms and walnuts. Dipped in a zesty orange sauce.

  • Paneer and Orange Cake

    An innovative orange cake recipe with the goodness of paneer. Bake away a citrus-y treat.

  • Orange Parfait

    Whip this novel dessert up, made with orange juice and whipped cream.

  • Bitter Chocolate and Orange Frozen Mousse

    An easy recipe of bitter chocolate folded in with crushed hazelnuts, orange juice and cream.

  • Fish with Orange Juice

    Smoked fish marinated in orange juice and served with orange slices

  • Baby Fennel & Orange Salad

    Chunks of orange tossed with fennel and drizzled with a light dressing of white wine vinegar and olive oil.

  • Beet, Feta and Orange Salad

    Seasoned beetroot and orange served with lettuce leaves, drenched in creamy yogurt dressing, crumbled feta, walnuts and herbs.

  • Orange Pudding

    High on citrus flavors this orange pudding is a must try. Served with a thick honey-orange sauce with kafir limes.

  • Orange Cake

    Delicious orange zest with a hint of lemon in every bite.

  • Orange and Basil Juice

    Orange and basil come together to create this revitalizing drink which is perfect to beat the heat. Top it up with ice and enjoy.

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  • Taste Test: Orange Drinks

    With all that talk of Vitamin C being good for you, these days we find that when it comes to orange drinks or juices, you are spoilt for choice. If you're confused about which one ...

  • Readers' Recipe Swap: Orange | Felicity Cloake

    Felicity Cloake takes her pick of your juiciest orange recipes.You responded with zest to this theme. We had sanguinello sorbets, Indonesian-style duck à l'orange, zingy Cuban mojo and a citrus-free, but shockingly orange pasta dish. ...

  • Orange Juice is Healthier Than We Thought

    It's a well-known fact that orange juice and other citrus fruit juices are healthy, refreshing and really good source of Vitamin C and other antioxidants. But the level of antioxidants found in citrus juices has ...

  • An Orange a Day Can Keep Cancer Away

    On reviewing available research on cancer prevention and the benefits of orange, scientists say orange could prove to be crucial in the prevention of cancer.In a forthcoming review article from Nutrition and Cancer: An International ...

  • Make Your Own Blood Orange and Rhubarb Smoothie

    Blood orange and rhubarb? It took a great chef to come up with this unlikely combination. But it works..This drink sums up everything that is wonderful about England's greatest vegetable chef, Jane Baxter. I first ...

  • Carrot, Orange and Ginger Juice Recipe

    An easy-to-make winter mood-lifter, with a taste of the Seville sunshine and plenty of vitamins.Seville is home to two of the wonders of the world - the Giralda tower and the Seville orange. The tower ...

  • An Orange a Day May Ward Off Stroke Risk

    Eating foods that contain vitamin C may reduce the risk of the most common type of hemorrhagic stroke, says a new study. Vitamin C is found in fruits and vegetables such as oranges, papaya, peppers, ...

  • Drink Up the Goodness of Orange Juice to Boost Brain Health

    A recent study has revealed that drinking orange juice could also help improve brain function in elderly people.

  • Summer Ices Recipes by Angela Hartnett

    From a boozy lolly for grown-ups to a fragrant orange and basil sorbet, nothing beats a cooling summer ice on a sunny day.Watermelon negroni ice lolliesGranted, there's no gin or vermouth in these, so they ...

  • Food for Your Ears - Prevent Hearing Loss

    There are many recommended ways to prevent loss of hearing. Protect your ears from hazardous noise exposure, keep your ears clean and all infections at bay. However, following a balanced diet can also go a ...