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'Rasmalai' - 5 Recipe Result(s)

  • Chocolate Rasmalai Terrine

    Chocolate Rasmalai Terrine

    East meets west as chef Ranveer Brar whips up a fusion chocolate rasmalai terrine. Rasmalai wrapped in a chocolate mousse mix.

  • Rasmalai


    Whip up the all time favorite Indian dessert, rasmalai with a cardamom scented milk base.

  • Marut Sikka's Rasmalai

    Marut Sikka's Rasmalai

    Marut Sikka whips up the all time favorite Indian dessert, Rasmalai with freshly made chenna.

  • Golden Rasmalai

    Golden Rasmalai

    Here's the recipe for Pakistan's preferred dessert, Golden Rasmalai. Small balls made of paneer, flour and milk dipped in a khoya-milk gravy.

  • Bread Rasmalai

    Bread Rasmalai

    A delectable sweet dish made of bread, milk, nuts, barfi and milk.

'Rasmalai' - 2 Article Result(s)

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