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Street Food

'Street Food' - 24 Recipe Result(s)

  • Aloo Tikki

    One of the favourite street food of India. Boiled potatoes are mashed and mixed with a melange of aromatic spices, daal and other condiments baked lovely or fried to perfection.

  • Dahi Bhalla

    Marut Sikka learns the art of cooking street food from Anil Kudamal from Old Delhi. Try your hand at making delicious and fluffy bhallas drizzled with sweetened curd, tangy chutneys and chaat masala.

  • Gol Gappe ki Poori

    The all time favorite street food, Gol Gappas. Make the puris at home and enjoy these crunchy little treats with a tangy paani or in a chaat.

  •  Paapri Chaat

    Marut Sikka learns the art of cooking street food from Anil Kudamal from Old Delhi. Try your hand at making some some crisp paapris drizzled with sweetened curd, freshly made chutneys and chaat masala.

  • Singhara Atte ki Paapri Chaat

    One Indian street food snack that is relished a lot. Crisp and freshly made paapris dipped in yogurt and topped with cubed potatoes, tangy masalas and a sweet tamarind chutney.

  • Pooran Poli

    Dough parcels stuffed with a spice and lentil mixture and cooked on a griddle. A typical street food from Mumbai. Commonly made during the festive season.

  • Raj Kachori

    The classic street food treat that makes you water your mouth. Raj kachori basket filled with papri, bhallas, yogurt, chickpeas and much more. Garnished with some pomegranate seeds.

  • Lamb Momos with Sweet Chilli Sauce

    Make this all time favorite street food at home! Momos with a filling of lamb mince and mild spices. Served with a freshly made sauce that is sweet and spicy in one bite!

  • Paani Poori

    We promise you'll never hit those street stalls again once you make paani-puri at home with this simple recipe. Fresh, flavoursome and right in the comfort of your homes!

  • Ragda

    Ragda pattice is a popular Maharashtrian street snack. 'Ragda' is a chickpea curry which is serve with a potato cutlet called pattice.

'Street Food' - 70 Article Result(s)

  • The Report on Faecal Matter Being Found in Street Food is Fake: Vendors

    Terming as "fake" the PUSA report on street food, the National Association of Street Vendors of India (NASVI) today alleged that plans were afoot to put these hawkers out of business.

  • Street Food, Singapore-Style: a Model Worth Copying?

    Street food in Singapore is not actually on the streets - traders operate from designated 'hawker centres'. Would this model work in Britain?If there is one thing I take from the works of Anthony Bourdain, ...

  • Street food fest in Delhi entices many

    As many as 400 street food vendors from 19 states offered a wide range of options like chole bhature, spring rolls, fish pakora and kebabs to thousands of foodies of the capital on the first ...

  • Indian Street Food is Safer Than Restaurant Food

    Do you shrink away from street foods, thinking they are unhealthy and unhygienic? Well, think again, because a well-known Australian culinary historian claims that she found Indian street foods safer than restaurants catering to tourists.Charmaine ...

  • Shocking News: How Unhygienic is the Street Food We Love To Eat?

    Have you ever seen a street vendor wash his hands before serving you? What would happen if someone were to test the food hes serving you?

  • Calling Street Food Lovers: 7 Epic Mumbai Eateries That are a Must-Visit

    Its true when they say that a city's pulse can only be felt on its streets and while all Indian cities are bustling, Mumbai's pulse is racing. We bring you Mumbai's top 7 street foods.

  • Egyptian street food recipes

    Perfect koshari, tabbule salad and 'handkerchief bread' pudding.KoshariThis is my home version, a cross between Lebanese mujaddarah and Egyptian koshariServes 6-8For the tomato sauceextra virgin olive oil 4 tbspsmall onion 1 , very finely choppedgarlic...

  • Soon, Street Food To Become More Hygienic

    The tasty, easily available and comforting street food is all set for a makeover. A team of experts are preparing a new model for roadside food vendors to ensure that street food no longer be ...

  • Taiwan, home to the best street food markets in the world

    Taiwan isn't just electronics. The capital Taipei is home to one of Asia's most exciting street food scenes, says our writer, who tucks in with the team bringing the island's cuisine to the UKThe air ...

  • How to Make Fried Chicken

    Hot tips from street food specialists Ross Gardner and Justin Unsworth of Spit & Roast.For many traders, street food is a means to a more conventional end: you start out selling from the back of ...