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    • The Right Sauces for Whole Wheat Pasta

      Whole wheat pasta just doesnt work with all sauces. Its nutty, somewhat assertive flavor can overpower a subtle sauce, and its texture, which can be granular, doesnt work with others.

    • A Memorable Fillet of Sole, With a Touch of Color

      Fillet of sole is the perfect fish to cook for a romantic and elegant dinner for two.

    • Black-Eyed Peas Draw Full Flavour from African Roots

      As I've researched the cuisines of the Mediterranean over the years, I have learned that these beans are an important staple in that part of the world, especially in Greece and North Africa.

    • Broccoli's Saucy Side

      Italians cook broccoli longer than we do in the United States, until it is quite a bit softer and darker than we are accustomed to.

    • Chilaquiles to Welcome the New Year

      Recipe for health that also makes up to a perfect New Year's breakfast.

    • Greek Pastries For a Holiday Party

      Baked Greek phyllo triangles - tiropites - are my favorite in this department. The crispy filled pastries are always impressive, and while they take some time to make, they are not at all difficult.

    • Rich Granola Finds a Hearty Mate

      I make double and triple batches of granola: my customary mix of oats, oat bran, coconut chips, spices and lots of nuts and seeds. This year I added popped quinoa.

    • Rigatoni Sets You Up for Thanksgiving

      Its easy to feed family and friends on Thanksgiving. But what about the days before?

    • Thanksgiving Dinner: A Savory Alternative to Traditional Stuffing

      Forever stored in my bank of taste memories, I have looked forward to them every Thanksgiving since my first forkful of the packaged stuffing of my youth.

    • Parmesan Broth Risotto Milanese

      Risotto can only be as good as the stock used to slowly cook the rice. I have almost always opted for chicken stock, but this poses a problem for vegetarians.

    • Okra Helps Dress Up Potato Salad

      A salad is a wonderful vehicle for okra.

    • Garlic Soup That's in a Rush

      When the day gets away from me and Im hungry but (uncharacteristically) haven't given dinner a thought, I turn to garlic soup. Its very existence makes me feel secure.

    • Shell Beans Make a Rustic Ragout

      They are easy to shell and take less than half the time to cook than their dried counterparts.

    • A Stew of Peppers Dresses Up Brown Rice

      In summer and early fall, when local sweet peppers are truly sweet and have great depth of flavor, theres nothing I like better than a comforting stew of peppers.

    • A Corn Gratin Welcomes Chard Into the Fold

      A neighbor posted on our shared email list that she had harvested from her garden more chard than she could use. If anybody wanted it, she would leave it on her front porch for pickup.

    • Chicken in a Time of Figs

      Cooked figs go beautifully with meat, especially a griddled or pan-cooked chicken breast.

    • Finally, Doughnuts that Are Healthy

      Finally, doughnuts in the -Recipes for Health- column! Mind you, they are pure fruit. I made them with Saturn peaches, those amusing flat peaches that look like the rings of Saturn.

    • Egg-in-a-Hole for Camping or the Comfort of Home

      I learned to make egg-in-a-hole at my beloved sleep-away camp, which was hardly rustic.

    • A Chicken Tagine That Gives Rhubarb the Last Say

      When I was in Paris last month, I was inspired by the generous stacks of rhubarb in markets all over the city.

    • Einkorn Risotto Is a Long Time Coming

      There are a lot of reasons to love einkorn, one of the latest ancient grains to hit the shelves in markets.

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