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  • Tomato and fenugreek chutney

    About Tomato and Fenugreek chutney : This is a special and unique chutney recipe which has bursting flavours of fenugreek (methi) seeds and tangy tomato. You can enjoy this chutney with dosa, idli, vada, rice ...

  • Methi Raita

    About Methi Raita Recipe: Indulge in this wholesome, healthy and rejuvenating raita, packed with the goodness of methi and tantalising flavours of garlic, green chilli and chaat masala!

  • Bajra-Methi Missi Roti

    About Bajra-Methi Missi Roti Recipe: An Indian meal is never complete without the addition of an Indian bread along with a dish. This recipe of Bajra-Methi Missi Roti is specifically recommended for diabetics, curated by ...

  • Greek Style Pizza

    This light and flavourful vegan pizza is made from scratch and topped with fresh avocado, zucchini, bell peppers and olives.

  • Zucchini Methi Pulao

    About Zucchini Methi Pulao Recipe: If you want to make different flavored rice, then try this recipe. Two vegetables put together-simple magic! Both green. One very aromatic and leafy and the other one a great ...

  • Shrimp Moussaka

    A delicious combination of eggplant, potatoes and cheese. The traditional dish gets a makeover by tossing in some shrimps.

  • Vegetarian Moussaka

    Gorge on the vegetarian version of the traditional three layered Greek moussaka. Beautiful eggplants are fried golden brown and served with a blend of spices, fresh veggies and tomato puree.

  • Greek Salad with Lemon Dressing

    Experience the freshness of herbs and veggies combined with a subtle drizzle of a refreshing dressing. This vibrant salad adds a splash of beautiful colours on your plate!

  • Methi Maas

    A lovely concoction of juicy meat and fresh fenugreek leaves, cooked in a host of spices.

  • Methi Chaman

    An authentic Kashmiri recipe. Cottage cheese chunks are deep fried, soaked in milk and tossed with fenugreek leaves, cinnamon and almonds.

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  • Four Easy Greek Yogurt Recipes For Summers

    In Greece, yogurt was traditionally made from sheep's milk with a thick skin on the top, and it made for an important part of their daily diet. Here are Greek yogurt recipes to make at ...

  • 5 Ways To Use Greek Yogurt To Make Healthy Swaps In Your Diet

    Weight Loss: Greek yogurt, also known as hung curd, is basically curd without the whey water. Here are some easy ways to use it to swap it for cheesy or fatty dips.

  • Fitness Expert Kayla Itsines Calls This Greek Dish Her Go-To Balanced Meal

    Eating a balanced diet is of the utmost importance in the quest for weight loss. Here's the Greek dish that fitness trainer Kayla Itsines recommends.

  • How Greek Food is Similar to Indian Cuisine

    Food in Athens with some complicated names for dishes may sound Greek! But even a die-hard Indian-food buff, wanting dal-vegetable-roti-rice on the plate each day, will find the fare in Greece quite welcome, both to ...

  • Starbucks Jumping Into Greek Yogurt Craze

    Starbucks wants a taste of the Greek yogurt craze.The Seattle-based coffee chain says it's teaming up with French food and drink company Danone to sell Greek yogurt parfaits. The ready-to-eat cups will arrive in its ...

  • 6 Health Secrets of Greek Food

    Beautiful blue waters, sun-soaked beaches and white-walled towns, Greece is unmatched for its breathtaking landscapes. While that may have taken many of you miles away, my fantasy is incomplete without Greek food. During those long ...

  • How to Make the Perfect Greek Yogurt Dip

    Full-fat yoghurt is at the heart of this classic Greek dip, but the additions are up for grabs: should you dice your cucumber or grate it? Is punchy dill or cooling mint the perfect garnish? ...

  • Greek Pastries For a Holiday Party

    Baked Greek phyllo triangles - tiropites - are my favorite in this department. The crispy filled pastries are always impressive, and while they take some time to make, they are not at all difficult.

  • Keeping it Simple: The Secret to a Great Greek Salad

    You know what I love most about a fresh Greek salad, besides the finely cut cubes of soft and dreamy feta cheese of course.

  • Fattoush Meets Greek, and the Mash-Up's Cool

    This big, beautiful bowl of goodness is a mash-up of two traditional Mediterranean salads. It gets its primary flavors from a Greek salad, with feta, scallion, dried oregano and plenty of cucumber and tomato in ...

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