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    • 3 Healthy Food Options To Substitute Your Junk Food Cravings - Expert Suggests

      Having a healthy meal plan and stocking our kitchen pantry with healthy snack options can prove to be beneficial. Here are three food alternatives to junk food cravings. Take a look.

    • How To Manage Hunger Pangs And Drop Those Extra Kilos Gained During The Festivities

      If you are someone who finds it difficult to lose weight, check out these healthy tips by an expert. Following these tips can pave a way to a healthy lifestyle.

    • World Heart Day 2021: Expert Tips To Live A Heart Healthy Lifestyle

      To keep the heart at its healthiest best, it's important to watch what you eat and keep your weight under check.

    • Combating Lifestyle Diseases By Changing Your Cooking Oil

      According to a 2015 Lancet study, heart ailments were responsible for the deaths of more than 2.1 million people in India.When it comes to holistic health, there are many things that can go wrong. Your cooking oil can make all the difference in boosting your ...

    • Diabetes Diet: Travel Healthy With These 5 Foods If You Are A Diabetic

      While it's not easy to avoid the temptation of local food, or skipping your exercise routine for just a few days - a small and easy step to manage your calorie intake is keeping healthy snacks handy!

    • 5 Easy Life Hacks to Help You Keep New Year Resolutions

      Happy New Year: This year, let us resolve to find ways to make our new year resolutions work for us! Here are some of my easiest life-hacks to help you keep your healthy new year resolutions.

    • Health Benefits of Red, Green and Gold Coloured Vegetables and Fruits

      Some of the healthiest winter fruits and vegetables have been painted by nature itself in festive colours. One can make lovely salads, tasty hors d'oeuvres, desserts and delicious main courses without piling on calories.

    • 7 Food Facts You Need to Know to Stay Healthy

      When it comes to nutrition, much has been said on the subject, from mere hearsay to evidence-based research. Differentiating between the two can sometimes pose a challenge.

    • Low Carb Versus Low Fat: Should You Follow These Diets For Weight Loss?

      Low carb versus low fat: Both types of diets have their pros and cons, so we need to look objectively at both to gain an educated, unbiased understanding.

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