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  • 5 Fun And Interesting Ways To Cook Ramen At Home

    Are you bored of eating ramen and want to experiment some new ramen recipes. Check out these fun ideas below.

  • Ever Tried Desi Pasta? Here's How To Make Indian-Style Masala Macaroni

    This desi pasta is filled with unexpected yet amazing flavours. Give our quick recipe a try.

  • How To Make Kurkure Dahi Kebab - A Crispy Tea-Time Snack You Must Try

    If you're bored of the regular dahi kebab and want to have something different, then try this kurkure dahi kebab recipe.

  • IPL 2023: 5 Quick And Easy Snacks To Munch On While Watching The Match

    IPL 2023: Here are some delicious snacks that you can enjoy while watching the much-awaited opening match of the tournament.

  • Do You Store Your Food In Aluminium Foil? Here's Why You Should Stop

    While aluminium foil is certainly easy to manage, it is not one of the best options to store food. It contains many chemicals and may cause harmful diseases and affect our overall ...

  • 6 Savoury Dishes You Can Pair With Red And White Wine

    If you are an avid wine lover and can't decide what to eat along with it. Here are some tasty dishes you can pair with red and white wine.

  • Love Whiskey? 6 Classic Whiskey Cocktails You Can Whip Up This Weekend

    Cocktail Recipes: Here are some classic whiskey cocktails paired with refreshing ingredients that whiskey lovers will surely relish.

  • Adding Curry Leaves To Your Diet: 6 Surprising Health Benefits You Should Know

    You simply can't make a mouth-watering Sambhar or Upma without these fragrant leaves.

  • Foodies, Rejoice! Delhi's April Food Festivals Promise A Feast For The Senses

    Check out some inviting food events happening in Delhi this weekend that we think you must drop by.

  • 5 Foods You Should Avoid Cooking In Copper Utensils

    If you use copper cookware at home, it is important for you to know what type of foods should not be eaten or cooked in copper utensils.

  • Weekend Special: 7 Healthy Snacks For Weekend Binge-Watching Sessions

    During weekends, we end up indulging in unhealthy food during binge watching sessions. This must change.

  • Flu Got You Down? Here's How To Keep Your Immunity Up And The Flu Away

    It's flu season, but you don't have to succumb to the virus. Learn about the best ways to strengthen your immune system, including healthy eating, exercise, and natural remedies like garlic and ...

  • Tired Of The Same Old Hummus? Try This Refreshing Green Pea And Mint Twist!

    If you're tired of the same old bland hummus from the store, it's time to take matters into your own hands - literally. Get your hands dirty and make your own homemade ...

  • 5 Delicious Leftover Pasta Recipes You Should Definitely Try At Home

    Wondering what to do with leftover pasta lying in your refrigerator. Here are some tasty and fun recipes you can try at home.

  • Weekend Special: How To Make Paneer Croquettes For A Perfect Weekend Treat

    These paneer croquettes are full of spicy flavour and taste incredibly divine. Check out the recipe below.

  • Love Fries? Make These Masala Fries In Air Fryer In Just 30 Mins

    If you want to enjoy fries without the guilt of consuming too many calories, then these masala fries are a must-try!

  • Kitchen Hack: 5 Easy Methods To Clean Utensils Without Using Dishwashing Soap

    For times when we don't have dishwashing soap in our house, these methods can be really helpful for cleaning utensils.

  • Why Do You Get Sleepy After Lunch At Work, And How To Not Fall Asleep

    Feeling sleepy right after lunch is common, especially in office. These tips will help you get rid of tiredness and sleepiness.

  • Say Goodbye to Indigestion: Make Your Own Hing Ajwain Water For A Happy Tummy

    For all of these issues, some home remedies are being tried in Indian homes.

  • Conscious About Bad Breath? Avoid Eating These Foods That Cause Bad Breath

    Bad breath can be a real turn off. So make sure you keep your breath fresh by avoiding these foods.

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