Breakfast Recipes: 5 Best Crepe Recipes To Make Your Breakfast Meals Fancy

What makes crepes incredibly popular is that they are incredibly easy to put together, but it's fancy at the same time. Here are 5 recipes you'll love!

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Breakfast Recipes: 5 Best Crepe Recipes To Make Your Breakfast Meals Fancy

Breakfast Recipes: Crepes are delicious and filling

  • Crepes have a universal appeal
  • They are easy to make and adequately fancy at the same time
  • Crepes can be consumed as part of desserts and breakfast meals

Crepes are one of those dishes that have a universal appeal. Any good breakfast place worth their salt in any metropolitan city of the world will probably feature crepe in their menu. Crepes are nothing but thin and soft flat-cakes that can be made sweet or savoury by adding stuffing and toppings of your choice. From chocolate spreads to cheese and assorted fruits, crepes can have a whole range of stuffing. Crepe is a French dish and although it literally means pancakes, crepes look very different from the fluffy pancakes that we're used to. Crepes are rather thin and are prepared by spreading the batter evenly on a flat iron griddle. Sweet crepes can be consumed as desserts and savoury crepes make for a delectable breakfast meal. You can customise the filling according to your taste and culinary whimsies.

What makes this dish incredibly popular is that it's incredibly easy to put together, but it's fancy at the same time. Sweet crepes are topped with fruit sauces, jams or marmalades and stuffed with fruits and the savoury crepes can have stuffing of various stir-fried vegetables like mushroom, broccoli, bell peppers, etc. The batter is made from easily-available baking ingredients - eggs, refined flour, milk and butter and has a runny consistency that allows it to spread easily on the flat griddle.

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Best Crepe Recipes: Here are five of our best crepe recipes to help you fancy-up your breakfast meal:

1. Crepe Suzette Recipe

This classic crepe recipe is served hot with a sauce made from sugar, orange juice and liquor. Usually the sauce is poured over the finished crepes and flambeed (lit on fire using an alcoholic spirit). But this recipe is a simplified version of the traditional crepe suzette and doesn't contain any alcohol.

2. Chocolate and Banana Crepes Recipe

This simple, yet sumptuous dish has the winning combination of bananas with chocolate spread in between layers of flaky, buttery crepes. This recipe yields delicate and filling dessert crepes that can light up the dullest days.

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gbre960oBreakfast Recipe: Chocolate banana crepe

3. Spinach and Feta Crepes Recipe

A savoury recipe that satiates you and also breaks the monotony of the regular breakfast meals, this spinach and feta crepes recipe is one you'll want to try again and again. These crepes are nutritious and delicious - a rare combination.

4. Vegetable Crepes Recipe

For the mothers who have to deal with tantrums of their fussy-eater young ones, this recipe is a Godsend. With a stuffing made of an assortment of vegetables, this crepe recipe gives you an excuse to sneak in a rainbow of essential nutrients in your kids' meals.

5. Bajra Crepe With Chocolate Sauce Recipe

If you've sworn off refined flour or maida, then you may go for this recipe that uses whole wheat flour with bajra flour to make the delicious flat-cakes.

You may swap the refined flour in most recipes with a healthier flour of your choice and although it may not taste exactly as the former, you will still get satisfactory results with the assurance of a better nutrition. Happy cooking!


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