Chakodi: The Famous Crunchy Snack from Andhra Pradesh

This round, spicy and crunchy delight teams perfectly with your evening tea or coffee. It is full of spices and different flavours.

Sarika Rana  |  Updated: August 02, 2017 15:59 IST

Chakodi: The Famous Crunchy Snack from Andhra Pradesh
  • Chakodi is a hot and crunchy snack popularly savoured in Andhra Pradesh
  • It is a round and spicy snack teamed with a hot cuppa tea or coffee
  • Learn how to make chakodis at home with this simple recipe
Who wouldn't like to enjoy a crisp snack in the evening with a hot cup of tea? We're always looking out for delicious and exciting snacking options and that's exactly what we're going to share with you. If you're bored with the usual fried snacks that you've been binging on, try one of the most popular snacks from Andhra Pradesh called Chakodi. This round, spicy and crunchy delight teams perfectly with your evening tea or coffee. It is full of spices and different flavours. Also known as Chegodilu, Chekodi, Ring Murukku or Kodubale in Kannada, Chakodi is one of the tastiest snacks you'll find in South India.

So, What is Chakodi?

According to Chef Prem Kumar Pogakula from The Imperial in New Delhi, "Chakodi is a hot and crunchy South Indian snack. It is also called "Kodubale" in Kannada. It can be made in many varieties with different flavours. My mother used to make Chakodi with red chilli paste to add spiciness along with different ingredients like curry leaves, fresh coriander, and white sesame seeds. It is a must-have tea time snack in most of the South Indian households and is mostly enjoyed with tea or coffee during the day and as a side snack with drinks at night."


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Chakodi is very easy to prepare at home with just few ingredients. It is made with rice flour batter, moong dal, red chili powder, cumin seeds and sesame seeds. It can also be flavoured with ajwainor black pepper and a dash of hing. Apart from being enjoyed as an evening snack, Chegodilu or Chakodi is also savoured during festivities, especially during Dusshera and Diwali. Keertikanth from Madhuban Restaurant in Delhi, tells us, "It is believed that Lord Krishna liked foods which were prepared using rice flour. Therefore, people prepare chakodi, which is also made with rice flour, on Janmashtami (Lord Krishna's Birthday) every year."


Here's How You Can Make Yummy Chakodis at Home!


Recipe by Chef Prem Kumar Pogakula


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Rice Flour- 2 Cups

Yellow Moong Dal- 2 teaspoon

Cumin Seeds- 1½ teaspoon

Water- 2 Cups

Red Chilli Powder- 1½ teaspoon

White Sesame Seeds- 1 teaspoon

Ghee- 2 teaspoon

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Salt- to taste

Oil- for deep frying



  1. Soak the yellow moong dal in water for half an hour.
  2. Boil water in a wide pan. Put the moong dal, ghee and salt.
  3.  Add the rice flour and quickly combine it well. Turn off the flame and cover with a lid and keep aside.
  4.  When the rice flour dough comes to the room temperature, add sesame seeds, cumin seeds and red chilli powder. Adjust salt if required and make a smooth dough.
  5.  Apply oil in your hand and pinch a small piece of dough and make 4 inch length rope by rolling it. Make a ring by sealing the end of both the rope. Make sure to press it properly as it tends to break while frying.
  6. Prepare the same steps for making rings with remaining dough.
  7.  Heat the oil in a heavy bottom frying pan. When the oil is hot, add the rings one by one.
  8.  When the rings come to the surface of the oil and reduce the flame to medium. Turn the rings to other side and cook till they changed into golden brown colour. Remove from the oil and wipe the excess oil by kitchen tissue.

Give the usual snacks a break and serve these crisp and crunchy chakodis for tea next time to impress everyone with something new.

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