Healthy Summer Diet: 5 Healthy Mango Recipes That Combine Flavour With Nutrition

NDTV Food Desk  |  Updated: June 04, 2019 09:54 IST

Healthy Summer Diet: 5 Healthy Mango Recipes That Combine Flavour With Nutrition

Healthy Summer Diet: Here's how to use mango in healthy recipes

  • Summers are incomplete without mangoes
  • From curries to salads, mangoes can be added to a number of dishes
  • Mango chana chaat, mango oatmeat and more healthy recipes

Summers are incomplete without indulging in mangoes and it would perhaps not be an overstatement to say that it's the most-loved fruit around the world. It's a bright yellow stone fruit that is naturally sweet and there are several different varieties of mangoes available around the Indian subcontinent alone. Mangoes are delicious when consumed raw- the pulp is juicy, slightly fuzzy and soft- but they can also be turned into delightful drinks, desserts and even savoury dishes, all thanks to its wonderful flavour that is enticing in almost every form. However, mangoes have a bad rapport among people looking to stay healthy. It is believed to lead to weight gain, make your blood sugar levels spike and some people even believe that it can results in acne breakouts.

Mango Nutrition Facts and Values

While excessive consumption of mangoes during summers may not be a good idea, it can be consumed in a healthy way, given that you exercise moderation. Mangoes pack in a lot of nutrition as well- along with good amounts of Vitamins A and C, mangoes are also rich in calcium, potassium, phosphorus as well as numerous phytochemicals that are present in its peel. A 100 gram of mango packs in just 60 calories (as per United States Department of Agriculture) and hence, may safely be made a part of your summer diet.

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0dpsaa2Healthy Mango Recipes: Mango is rich in a range of minerals and vitamins

Here are a few healthy mango recipes to help you load up on all the goodness and nutrition of this delicious fruit:

1. Cranberry Chana Chaat With Mango

With the goodness of dehydrated cranberries and boiled chickpeas combined with the deliciousness of mango, this summer chaat recipe is sure to be a hit at all your parties this season. It also contains onions, tomatoes, mint leaves and tamarind sauce and is served atop puris (typically used in bhelpuri). You may omit the puris and toss the rest of the ingredients together and serve in a bowl to make it healthier.

2. Coconut Mango Oatmeal

Start your morning with taste and nutrition in the same bowl. This coconut mango oatmeal also contains just a hint of cinnamon for some extra flavour and is sure to become your go-to recipe for breakfast this summer.

3. Mango and Peach White Iced Tea

Want your caffeine load in a cool and fruity drink? This white tea recipe is your best bet! It contains fuzzy delicious and flavourful peaches, together with ripe mango slices in a white tea base, with some honey to sweeten. You can also add mint leaves to make it more cooling.

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cv3g95iHealthy Mango Recipes: Mango coconut oatmeal will brighten your mornings

4. Rocket And Mango Salad

Ripe mangoes can be tossed in a number of tropical salads and this rocket and mango salad recipe brings together the best of taste and nutrition. You can make this with spinach if you don't have rocket leaves and toss them together in balsamic vinegar, olive oil and honey. Top it off with pine nuts, sprinkle a little bit of pepper and voila!

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5. Mambazha Pulissery

This Kerala mango curry is just one of many desi culinary innovations that prove our penchant for experimenting with seasonal goodness. Cooked in a coconut broth, along with curry leaves, mustard seeds and a host of healthy spices, this mango curry can be served for lunch or dinner.

If you're bored of just drinking mango juice, mango milkshake and mango lassi, then these amazing recipes are for you. They're sure to get your creative juices flowing and will give you lots of ideas to experiment with the wonderful fruit.


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