Immunity Diet: 5 Probiotic Drinks That May Help Build Immunity

Immunity Diet: There is evidence that a healthy gut may help build better immunity. Here are some probiotic drinks for good gut health and immunity.

Aditi Ahuja  |  Updated: October 26, 2020 09:50 IST

Immunity Diet: 5 Probiotic Drinks That May Help Build Immunity

Immunity Diet: Drink these healthy beverages for good immunity.

  • Scientists have found a link between the gut and immune system
  • Probiotic drinks are vital for gut health and also good immunity
  • Take a look at some healthy drinks for immunity diet

The link between gut and immunity is no secret. Scientists have found through research that the gut bacteria is the place where a majority of our immune system resides. It is said that a whopping 70% of the immune system is housed within the gut wall. Thus, it is absolutely essential to maintain good digestive health and a healthy gut at all times in order to reduce the body's susceptibility to diseases. Probiotic drinks are the ultimate gut-friendly food that can help build immunity to infections and keep diseases at bay.

Here Are 6 Probiotic Drinks That May Help Build Immunity:

1. Water Kefir

Water Kefir is a drink which is vegan, dairy-free and probiotic rolled into one. It is prepared by using water and kefir grains, which is left to ferment over a couple of days and thus may help build immunity too. Click here to learn how you can make it at home.

89iu5sugWater Kefir is loaded with good nutrition and immunity. 

2. Kanji


Look no further than our humble Kanji for a wholesome drink loaded with good bacteria. The Kanji can be made in a number of ways, including this delicious Gajar Ki Kanji recipe here. It is considered excellent for digestive processes and also builds gut health and immunity.

3. Apple Cider Vinegar Tea

Apple cider vinegar is known to offer numerous health benefits, including weight loss and good digestion. This sweet apple cider vinegar tea comes loaded with good probiotics that strengthen the gut from within, and of course, the immune system too. Click here for the full recipe.

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s4f3kii8Apple cider vinegar is an excellent source of healthy probiotics. 

4. Lassi

Yogurt is another wonderful ingredient which is considered a healthy and natural probiotic. Why not transform yogurt into a sweet and delicious lassi? Here are three ways you can make Lassi at home with seasonal fruits and minimal hassle.

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qdsgch5gLassi is fruity, healthy and enriched with probiotic goodness. 

5. Chaach

Buttermilk or chaach is a highly recommended drink for overall good health. It has a number of cooling and digestive properties, which is why it is the ultimate healthy drink to have in summers. You can find the best buttermilk recipes here.

6. Kombucha

The 'super drink' had taken the health industry by storm when it first came out. It's delicious, satiating and extremely beneficial for the gut health. Thus, it may help build immunity too. Here's how to make Kombucha tea at home.

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tcjv0b2kKombucha tea can easily be made at home. 

Build your immunity, one step at a time. These drinks will go a long way in helping you maintain not just a healthy digestive system, but also a good immunity.


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