Indian Cooking Tips: 7 Ways To Use Leftover Curd In Cooking (Recipes Inside)

Spoilt or leftover curd is one of the most underrated kitchen ingredients. There are a number of healthy recipes and ideas that you can create.

Aditi Ahuja  |  Updated: January 21, 2020 14:06 IST

Indian Cooking Tips: 7 Ways To Use Leftover Curd In Cooking (Recipes Inside)

Curd is actually quite a versatile ingredient for when it comes to using it in cooking.

  • Curd is a versatile ingredient for the kitchen
  • It can be used in multiple ways in Indian cooking
  • Leftover curd can be utilized in many different ways

With increasing emphasis on healthy living and caring for the environment, using leftover kitchen essentials is becoming a necessity. We tend to find the most innovative recipes and ideas to use even fruit peels and waste vegetables from the kitchen. These recipes are beneficial for nature in the sense that they make the best out of waste, thus reducing carbon footprint and helping in managing waste. Further, our traditional recipes get an edgy new flavour with these leftover ingredients that are added to the dish.

Spoilt or leftover curd is one of the most underrated kitchen ingredients, which can easily be utilised in everyday cooking. There are a number of healthy recipes and ideas that you can create with simple leftover home curd.

Here Are 7 Ways You Can Use Leftover Curd And Make Some Interesting New Recipes:

1. Kadhi

The simple kadhi uses leftover curd to make up a creamy curry, known as 'Kadhi'. This combines besan and curd, and the resulting dish can be eaten with rice or chapatis. The kadhi can be made sweet or spicy as per the taste preferences.


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klei538Kadhi uses besan and curd to make a creamy gravy. 

2. Dahi Waale Aloo

Rajasthani cuisine has a penchant for using leftover curd in every recipe possible! Apart from being used in dishes like Gatte or Papad ki sabzi, one recipe that uses curd is dahi waale aloo. Rather than cooking potatoes in a tomato curry, try this interesting recipe instead.

Dahi aloo is one of the tastiest ways to use curd. 

3. Dosa

Did you know that dosa batter can be made a little bit more flavourful by using leftover curd? An additional advantage of adding curd to your dosa batter is that the batter has a sour edge to it.

q9l9fkeCook up a delicious dosa using leftover curd. 

4. Idli

Similarly with idlis - the idli batter tends to get a little flat and unidimensional in taste. Adding leftover curd to the batter makes the idlis rise better when they are steamed.

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Idlis can use leftover curd in the batter. 

5. Dhokla

The Gujaratis love their dhokla at any time of the day; and guess what - it is one more recipe that uses leftover curd! So, next time you're planning to make a healthy evening snack, use your curd and make a dhokla instead.

fsim6ea8Dhokla recipe can easily use some leftover curd. 

6. Dough

The much-loved street snack chhole bhature is also an innovative way to use up leftover curd. Simply add leftover curd to the kneaded maida dough, instead of adding yeast. Your bhaturas will be slightly sour and taste truly unbelievable.

doughBhatura dough can be made with leftover curd. 

7. Hung Curd Dip

And if you really run out of ideas to use up your leftover curd, there's always a dip! Make this easy hung curd dip and see how well it goes with all your chips and nachos at home.

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8o8lkgrCurd dip will wow all your guests at your next dinner party!

So, next time that bowl of curd in the fridge doesn't finish in a single day; try these recipes and ideas without having to worry about it going waste.


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