Trash Can Nachos: The Tastiest Nachos You Could Ever Dream Of

   |  Updated: June 19, 2017 11:49 IST

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Trash Can Nachos: The Tastiest Nachos You Could Ever Dream Of
Nachos never go out of style, they keep popping up into the food arena. Every now and then, someone does some sort of experiment with these simple, crunchy Mexican corn chips. Baked Nachos were the most popular trend till this restaurant in Las Vegas took it a step forward. The trend this time is taking the Nachos to the extent of your very own trash can.

Guy Fieri, the famous American restaurateur and Television personality, has created his very own version of Nachos, i.e “Trash Can Nachos”. His Mexican restaurant-cum-bar in Las Vegas named El Burro Borracho is known for this crazy creation. Fieri invented this dish at the 2015 South Beach Wine & Food Festival, showing his loyal fan following a live demo of the dish. Fieri accurately figured out the correct way of serving baked Nachos - through layers and layers of cheesy goodness, tender meat, and spicy peppers. 

 Trash Can Nachos involves placing the Nachos on a baking sheet. The Nachos are alternately layered with: 

• Crumbled Chorizo meat
• Shredded white and yellow Cheddar cheese
Black beans, which could be solid or pureed and are a classic Mexican staple
Super-Melty Cheese (SMC) which is a thick cheesy sauce created by Fieri exclusively for this dish. It uses three different cheese combined with some jalapeno pickle
Pico de Gallo, which is a fresher form of the salsa dip with red onions, tomatoes, and lime.


Once the layers are created, the nachos are baked inside a trash-can-like tin for about two minutes. The can is then withdrawn from the oven and garnished from the top with sliced jalapeno, sliced red onion, julienned radish, more shredded cheese and chopped cilantro. The can is then taken over to the diner’s tables where it is emptied straight into the serving plate. Trash Can Nachos are served piping hot with the stringy, melty, gooey cheese in every layer. The flavours of the nachos and the cheese fuse into the meat and pickle’s flavours. The mounds of Mexican ingredients add to the overall Mexican flavour and leave you craving for more. The nachos retain their crispness as they have not been cooked for too long. 


Who would’ve thought such an easy method, albeit with the use of a dirty-looking house implement, would give out the most delicious nachos ever? Trash Can Nachos have trended everywhere and many people travel vast distances just to sample Guy’s marvelous creation. 

Kudos to Guy Fieri for patenting this wonderful dish!

CommentsWe’re hoping to sample these cheesy, crispy nachos sometime really soon!

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