Swapan Seth: My 8 Favourite Meals in Delhi, How Many Have You Tried?

Swapan Seth  |  Updated: July 14, 2017 12:09 IST

Swapan Seth: My 8 Favourite Meals in Delhi, How Many Have You Tried?
I am socially very very challenged. I step into restaurants for dinner perhaps once or maybe twice a year. Which is why, I am constantly on the lookout for food that can reach me at home. Luckily, I have at my disposal a Concierge Service that spoils me silly by ferrying food wherever I may be. But with great delivery services mushrooming these days, good food has a way of reaching us with minimal effort from our side.

Having lived in Delhi for over 13 years, one has also learnt to separate the wonderful from the crap. And I am painfully predictable. I like comfort food.

So, here are my eight favourite meals in Delhi NCR. They may not be fancy, but they are absolutely delectable. These are, what I suggest you must try, atleast once in this city:


Sadly, this is a dying art in Delhi. There are spots in Old Delhi that dole out divine stuff but I would still put my money on Preeti Goenka. Preeti puts together a fine repertoire of Kolkata sweets and savouries. Since I like my spices, I request her to be lavish with them. (+91 98100 52294)

My brother introduced me to this one and it has stayed with me forever. The dal meat at Embassy Restaurant is tops. The dal is not squishy. It maintains its own with the succulent meat. It is well balanced and so very delicious.

Where: Connaught Place
Price: Rs. 575


My father provided me with an education on this. I don't quite like the solid chunky pieces that most places cook up. I like mine watery and soft with truckloads of coriander thrown in. There is only one practitioner of that: Wah Amritsar. Aseem and his band of boys orchestrate a majestic one. (+91 97160 04858)

Where: DLF Phase 4, Gurgaon


Since I detest Galouti Kababs, I hate overtly soft Shami Kababs. For me, a great Shami Kabab is like a parent. Soft yet firm. Plus it must have the right mix of spices. Only the newly opened Delhi Club House has got it right. There is some talk of Green Chick Chop being good. But those aren't Shamis. Those are plaintive apologies for Shamis.

Where: Delhi Club House, Sangam Courtyard, RK Puram


This will break a few hearts in Tamil Nadu Bhavan, but the truth must be told. I have been seeking a fab Masala Dosa in Delhi for decades. I have finally zeroed in on a nugget. The Masala Dosa made in the live kitchen of The Priority Pass Lounge at Terminal 1D in Delhi Airport. Yes, you heard that right. In an airport!! Outstanding stuff.


In a previous piece I had dramatically announced the demise of Kolkata's rolls. The rest of the country has no idea about them. The only place that packs in the perfect one is Kathi's on MG Road. Anand, the manager, is lazy, carefree and largely uninspired but he makes up for that with some emphatic and interesting kathi rolls. (+91 98188 80721)

Where: Kathi Kabab Roll, Ghitorni, MG Road
Price of Dish: Rs. 100- Rs. 160 (approximately)


During the day, Rathin Mathur flogs wellness medicines. Come evening, he conjures a simple but scintillating chicken curry, the recipe of which he has been observing since he was child. There is, mercifully, no atmosphere being sought to be created around the chicken gravy. It is simple, unapologetic, light and lovely. Best had with roomali roti. (+91 98117 22223)


While I am sure that everyone has their own thesis on this treat, years of search led me to the doorstep of Sham Sweets, here in Gurgaon. Unpretentious stuff. Not overtly sweet.

Where: Sham Sweets, Shivaji Nagar, Gurgaon
Price of Dish: Rs. 38

So that was my list of lovelies in the capital city. If you have some suggestions, do share them with me too.

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