5 Best Tiffin Recipes for Breakfast

 , NDTV  |  Updated: August 25, 2017 11:13 IST

5 Best Tiffin Recipes for Breakfast
Does your little one return home from school with his food untouched? Or perhaps, unknown to you, he distributes his tiffin amongst his little gang in class. While you as a parent wish to provide a nutrition-packed meal, a child’s dream meal will always be a cheesy burger with a bag of chips on the side. So what do you do? Luckily for you, we’ve rounded up ways to get your picky eater to actually enjoy the tiffin you pack with so much care. So skip the same ol' rolls and upgrade to these delicious surprises. Your child’s face will light up when he sees that you've taken his tiffin to the next level.

(What's in Your Lunch Box?)

Bringing home cooked lunch to school is unparalleled in terms of health. So we’ve included recipes that will spice things up from the mundane schedule. It's time to pack your kids a lunch box they will love. And the best part - these recipes require very less effort and you can also use up leftovers from the night before.

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(10 Healthy Food Delivery Services in Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru for the Calorie Conscious)Here’s a whole slew of scrumptious recipes that make meal-planning easy for the week.

1. Oats Idli
Recipe by Ramya Parameswaran

A healthy approach for the breakfast bunch: Low on carbs, made with oats and grated carrots, this recipe is just the ticket for the calorie conscious. Who says food can’t be nutritious and scrumptious at the same?

2. Panini with Leftover Chicken
Recipe by Chef Vicky Ratnani

Skip the usual bread, and grab a panini instead. All you need is mozzarella, eggplant-tomato, fresh rocket leaves and leftover chicken from the night before.

3. Banana Walnut Muffins
Recipe by Chef Niru Gupta

Pack muffins in your kid’s tiffin and be his hero for the week. The crunchiness of walnuts and the sweetness of bananas make it a filling snack, and divine of course.

4. Stuffed Paratha
Recipe by Ambika Gujar

With a dollop of butter and pickle on the side, this classic and comforting paratha stuffed with potatoes, cabbage and onions will inspire lunch envy from your co-workers.
5. French Toast with Musk Melon Salad
Recipe by Chef Aditya Bal

CommentsNudge the menu past the old standbys and carry this sweet french toast to work. Spruce it with some musk melon, strawberries, honey and enter foodie heaven.

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