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  • Haak and Nadur (Lotus Stem With Greens)

    Haak and Nadur, also known as lotus stem with greens is a Kashmiri specialty that needs only a handful of simple ingredients and 25 minutes of your time.

  • Stir Fried Greens With Coconut Dip

    Garden fresh green veggies stir fried with minimal spices. Enjoy it with refreshing coconut dip.

  • Dark Leafy Greens with Caramelized Onions, Raisins, and Maple Walnuts

    This recipe takes advantage of raisins and maple glazed walnuts for a nutrient-packed bite of yum!

  • Tofu Phali

    About Tofu Phali Recipe: Silken tofu tossed with green beans in zingy Indian flavors.

  • Stir Fried Greens

    About Stir Fried Greens Recipe: Green beans, cluster beans, lemongrass and fennel stirred in with a host of sauces and condiments, folded in with cream afterwards.

  • Methi Aloo

    Fenugreek leaves or methi cooked with potatoes and spices make for a hearty dish.

  • Aalan ka Saag

    A unique combination made into a `daal' like preparation with spinach, besan and moong dal.

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