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  • Andhra Style Beans Kudumulu

    Kudumulu are Andhra style steamed rice cakes which are similar to modak. These can be made sweet or savoury. The ones that we are trying today are made of broad beans, rice flour and some ...

  • One-Pot Chicken Rice

    This recipe is easy and quick to make. All you need to do is first mix chicken with masalas, then add chicken stock with it to cook rice. This recipe requires minimum ingredients, minimum effort ...

  • Peanut Rice

    Peanut rice is a South Indian rice recipe made from leftover rice. Also known as verkadalai sadam, this rice dish is made with a flavourful and aromatic masala. This masala is made of spices, lentils ...

  • Ghee Rice

    Ghee rice is a very easy to make dish that requires just a handful of ingredients. It goes well with Chicken curry, Mutton curry or any other curry recipes.

  • Pepper Rice

    The preparation involves using leftover ice and stir-frying it with onions, cashew, lentils and curry leaves. The essential flavour of the rice is pepper and it is heavily seasoned with fresh ground pepper to give ...

  • Chicken Burnt Garlic Fried Rice

    Quick, easy and simple, this Indo-Chinese stir-fried recipe involves leftover rice which is further tossed with chicken chunks, some veggies and Asian sauces and seasonings followed by a piquant flavour of burnt garlic.

  • Tomato Rice

    This tangy rice dish is cooked just like a pulao and is best paired with yoghurt and chutney. Tossed in the goodness of tomatoes, hard spices and onions.

  • Rice Paper Veggie Wraps With Protein

    Rice paper veggie wraps are super healthy, easy to make and perfect for meal prepping. It is light, complete, refreshing and excellent for children's snack boxes and picnics. Besides, it can be prepared in advance ...

  • Keto Fried Rice

    Keto Fried Rice is one of the easiest dishes to make in the keto diet. The best part about this recipe is that it is completely plant-based, so even vegans can enjoy having this dish.

  • Spiced Coffee Kulfi

    A perfect combination of coffee and the ingredients of creamy kulfi along with crunchy nuts.

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