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  • Korean Bibimbap

    About Korean Bibimbap Recipe: A popular Korean rice dish, Bibimbap traditionally means mixing various ingredients with rice. It has many variations both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. Here is a quick and easy recipe with chicken and ...

  • Buldak (Hot and Spicy Chicken)

    Buldak is a spicy chicken dish that is becoming very popular amongst the younger generation of Koreans everywhere. Its popularity has been attributed to both its unique flavors and spiciness. Keep in mind, the term ...

  • Saewoo Bokumbop (Shrimp Fried Rice)

    Saewoo Bokumbop is a popular shrimp fried rice dish that widely available in Korean/Chinese restaurants everywhere. It’s a common restaurant or home prepared dish during lunch or dinner that is quite simple but yet a ...

  • Kimchi

    Cabbage soaked in the flavors of garlic, ginger, soya sauce, vinegar and chilli flakes. Here's for you Kimchi Salad recipe, a Korean favorite.

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  • Korean Beauty Regime: 10 Effective Steps For A Flawless Skin

    Almost all of us wish to have a soft and supple skin. And when it comes to skin care, Koreans are a pro at it! It is believed that Koreans usually lessen the chemical value ...

  • Michelin Names Two 3-Star Eateries in First Seoul Guide

    The Michelin food guide unveiled its first Seoul edition on Monday, with two upscale Korean restaurants receiving the coveted three stars, but recognition also for a more humble diner serving up vegetarian temple food.

  • 5 Most Popular Korean Food Dishes Beyond Kimchi: A Beginner's Guide

    Korean food revolves around the theory of yin and yang, and the five elements that make up the universe. Here are 10 dishes you must try -

  • Bibimbap: the ultimate comfort food

    This Korean dish is a one-bowl wonder and the perfect thing to warm you up as the cold weather hitsMy bones can feel the cold weather coming and I have a caveman's urge to get ...

  • Soju: the most popular booze in the world

    The South Korean spirit is the globe's best-selling alcohol. But they're not just drinking it in Korea these days - you can try chilled shots or soju cocktails in New York and LondonAttention pub quizzers ...

  • Why Pyongyang's Restaurant Scene is Thriving

    A recent boom in semi-private eateries in North Korean capital means good food is easy to find for those who can afford it - and know where to look, says Andrei LankovWhile malnutrition is widespread ...

  • Cooking With Kimchee

    Ask any native or transplanted Koreans about kimchee, and you will be told that it is the very backbone of Korean cuisine.

  • A Good Guide to Seoul: Top 10 dishes and Where to Try Them

    There is much more to Korean food than barbecue and kimchi. As BA launch direct UK flights to Seoul on 2 December, here's a guide to the favourite dishes in South Korea's food-mad capital.Korean food ...

  • Yotam Ottolenghi's Seaweed Recipes

    The secret to enjoying seaweed is just getting the dressing right and taking the plungeSome foods don't fare at all well in blind tastings. Anyone unfamiliar with the delights of Stinking Bishop cheese, Korean kimchi ...

  • Michelin Stars Shining Bright in New York

    A Korean restaurant has for the first time won two Michelin stars in the 2014 New York edition of the prestigious gastronomy guide, which has awarded a record number of accolades.Seven restaurants won the guide's ...

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