Lebanese Recipes

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  • Couscous Royale

    A light and healthy couscous made with peppers. Served with a creamy tahini sauce and grilled vegetables.

  • Low Fat Chicken Shawarma

    About Low Fat Chicken Shawarma Recipe: Knock off the pita bread to make a low fat chicken shawarma with lettuce. Stuffed with pan fried chicken, tomatoes, onions, chillies and a yogurt based sauce.

  • Steamed Chinese Cabbage Parcels

    The flour wrappers have been displaced by blanched cabbage wrappers. The feeling of eating dim sums remains but the calories don't pile on. Stuffed with a yummy chicken mince filling, these steamed parcels are a ...

  • Beet and Arbi Falafal with Homemade Pickles

    About Beet and Arbi Falafal with Homemade Pickles Recipe: Enjoy one the most popular Lebanese wraps, Falafel with Pita with this easy recipe. Falafel made with distinctive flavors of beetroot and arbi, served with some ...

  • Cous Cous Studded Cottage Cheese

    A delightful party dish. Chunks of cottage cheese, dipped in a cous cous - bread crumbs mixture and pan fried till crisp golden. Served with a sweet and tangy plum chutney.

  • Cous Cous Salad

    A hearty and easy to make salad. Cous cous stirred in with onions, curry leaves and peanuts. Served with grilled corn.

  • Chicken Tagine and Couscous

    About Chicken Tagine and Couscous Recipe: Dig in this healthy couscous with the goodness of pomegranate and mint. Served with an easy to make chicken tagine cooked with preserved lemons, saffron and olives.

  • Hummus with Coriander

    About Hummus with Coriander Recipe: A middle eastern dip made with chickpeas, tahini and seasoned mildly. Usually served with pita bread and pickled vegetables.

  • Falafel with Pita Bread

    Falafel is a popular Middle Eastern snack. Chick pea balls fried and sliced between pita bread along with sour cream and tahini sauce.

  • Couscous Salad

    A healthy option to satisfy those 4'o clock hunger pangs. Try this refreshing cous cous salad.

  • Falafel Wrap

    Here's a traditional Falafel recipe, deep fried chick pea balls, served with a tangy tahini paste. Perfect as a starter, main course or just an evening snack.

  • Pita Bread

    Make some delicious pita bread at home.

  • Middle Eastern Tabbouleh Salad with Red Quinoa

    Make the mighty popular tabbouleh salad at home with wheat germ, red quinoa, veggies and nuts.

  • Chicken Shawarma

    About Chicken Shawarma Recipe: Shawarma is vastly popular across the middle-east, specially Lebanon. Now a popular street food as well, chicken shawarma has quickly garnered appreciation across the globe, particularly in India. You can prepare ...

  • Hummus

    This Middle Eastern staple can be an appetizer or an accompaniment to a main course of grilled chicken.

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