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  • Lychee Sorbet

    Make yourself a chiller fix, this sorbet works well for the sweltering weather.

  • Pork Litchi

    Pork and Litchi together? Sounds odd but tastes delicious. Try this unique combination this summer.

  • Prawn and Litchi Salad

    This one is an extremely easy salad, quick to put together and perfect for those days when you just can't be bothered.

  • Litchi Sorbet

    Summers are incomplete without litchi and that is why we have litchi sorbet to beat the heat. You can also add a little twist to it by adding vodka.

  • Ginger Litchi Lemonade

    A refreshing summer cooler made with lime, lychee juice and gingery kick.

  • Litchi Shochutini

    A lychee flavored drink. A great option for the summer nights.

  • Mango and Litchi Compote

    A smooth and fruity paste with mangoes and litchis. Enjoy it with ice cream or use as a topping over cakes and puddings.

  • Cherry, Litchi and Rambutan Cheesecake

    Rich cheesecake made from fresh cream and mascarpone cheese with flavours of cherry, litchi and rambutan.

  • Coconut and Litchi Creme Caramel

    An Asian twist to caramel custard with lychees and coconut milk.

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