Almonds For Weight Loss: Load Up On These Nuts To Lose Weight (With Recipes)

One of these most trusted superfoods is almond, which comes packed with health benefits and nutrients like magnesium, vitamin E and copper

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Almonds For Weight Loss: Load Up On These Nuts To Lose Weight (With Recipes)

Almonds For Weight Loss (Picture Credits: iStock)

  • Nuts have recently gained the reputation of superfoods
  • One of these most trusted superfoods is almond
  • Consuming almonds is a great way to top-up your 'good' fats

Nuts have recently gained the reputation of superfoods; health experts vouch for these tiny delights. One of these most trusted superfoods is almond, which comes packed with health benefits and nutrients like magnesium, vitamin E and copper. While almonds are mostly made of fat, the majority of their fat content comes from the mono-unsaturated fats that contribute towards a healthy body. Consuming almonds is a great way to top-up your 'good' fats, considering they provide essential fatty acids needed to maintain a healthy heart and cholesterol levels. Moreover, thanks to their low-calorie count, almonds are considered to be great for weight loss. While these tiny delights are considered healthy, how effective are almonds for weight loss. Let's find out.

Benefits Of Almonds

According to the book Healing Foods by DK Publishing, "Almonds are a good source of the minerals zinc, magnesium and potassium, and are super rich in antioxidant and vitamin E that support the brain, cardiovascular and respiratory systems. They also help in keeping your skin healthy." Moreover, almonds are known to be rich in cholesterol-lowering mono-unsaturated fatty acids like oleic acid and palmitoleic acids. Their high fibre content helps keep blood sugar levels normal.

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Almonds for weight loss: Almonds are a good source of minerals. (Picture credit: iStock)

According to Nutritionist and Physiologist Ritesh Bawri, "Almonds are an excellent source of nutrition for human beings. They come loaded with potassium magnesium, iron, calcium and fibre. Both of these are essential for the human body. The lack of these minerals may result in brittle bones, low blood counts and low energy."


While almonds pack innumerable nutrients and health benefits, they are known to promote weight loss. These nuts are calorie-dense; however, when eaten in the right quantity, it can do wonders on the extra flabs on the body.

Almonds For Weight Loss

According to a study published in the International Journal of Obesity, almonds may help you shed those unwanted pounds. Researchers found that people eating a diet rich in almonds lost more weight than those on a high-carb diet with the same number of calories. So, almonds are great for weight loss; do not shy away from sprinkling some of them on your salads or toss them in your breakfast cereals.

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Almonds for weight loss: almonds may help you shed those unwanted pounds.

Here are some reasons why almonds should be trusted for weight loss:

1. High In Fibre Content

The skin of the almonds contain high amount of dietary fibre that helps in proper digestion of the food and result in healthy bowel movement. Undigested foods generally lead to acidity, bloating, et al. Moreover, fibre also keeps your tummy fuller for longer. Nutritionist Ritesh suggests soaking the almonds in water in order to remove anti-enzymes and make them healthier. The anti-enzymes prevent various minerals from being digested, which end up causing a deficiency.

2. High In Protein Content

If you want to use almonds for weight loss, then add them to your daily diet. Almonds are high in protein content that helps in the development of lean muscle mass. Moreover, the mono-unsaturated fats maintain and reduce our body mass index (BMI). It is said to target the fat stored in the abdominal region, thus reducing belly fat.

3. It's a Low-Carb Snack

Carbohydrates are said to make up just 15 percent of each almond's total nutrients, which means it is maybe ideal for those following a low-carb diet. Most health experts suggest that opting for a low-carb diet that incorporates foods high in mono-unsaturated fats can reduce the belly fat, further cutting the risk of developing heart diseases.

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Almonds for weight loss: Carbohydrates are said to make up just 15 percent of each almond's total nutrients

4. One of The Best Snacks

Why not try using almonds for weight loss and keep a small packet of them handy for the times you feel hungry at odd hours. This way you will not feel like overeating and still feel fuller for long.

According to Nutritionist Ritesh, "the ideal number of almonds is about four to six per day. This is because almonds are calorie-rich and you can quickly rack up the calories. One important factor to remember while eating almonds is to ensure that you soak them. The skin of the almond has casein, which is what is used to make cyanide. The human body does not digest casein well."

How To Choose Almonds For Weight Loss

Make sure you buy raw or roasted almonds and not salted or fried ones. You don't want to pack calories instead of losing them. Prefer not to buy fried ones as they only rack up saturated fats that are not good for health. Add them in your morning cereals, yogurt or salads to ensure a healthy loss of weight.

Losing weight needs dedication and patience, which means that you also need to engage in regular exercises, eat a healthy and balanced diet and ensure a healthy lifestyle. Making almonds a part of your daily diet will only boost the weight loss journey. So, do not just depend on almonds for weight loss; instead make it a part of your dietary plan.

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Healthy Almonds Recipe For Weight Loss:

Baked Almond Kofta Recipe

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Almonds For Weight Loss: Baked Almond Kofta Recipe

Almond Granola Bar Recipe

A pre- and post-workout snack that is brimming with health and taste, almond granola bar is made with all things healthy. Even your kids will love to nibble on this granola bar that is loaded with the goodness of oats, wheat flour, jaggery, honey, almonds and sesame seeds. Click here for the recipe.

Banana and Almond Porridge Recipe

The traditional oats recipe gets a nutty and fruity twist with this porridge recipe that has the goodness of chia seeds, oats, banana and loads of nuts and dry fruits. You can make it a part of your breakfast meal or have it in the evening before dinner for a light yet healthy snack. Click here for the recipe.

banana and almond porridge

Almonds For Weight Loss: Banana and Almond Porridge Recipe (Picture credits: iStock)

Gluten Free Almond Cake Recipe

This gluten free almond cake is an excellent choice to bake and relish during birthdays or weddings. Being gluten-free does not mean we go flavour free! Enhance your diet by deliciously flavouring your almonds. Click here for the recipe.

Almond and Cranberry Poha Recipe

The quintessential breakfast option, poha! This poha recipe is a healthier and all the more nutritious one to easily prepare at home. Packed with almonds and flavourful cranberries, it makes for an interesting combination to try at home. Click here for the recipe.


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