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10 Best Vegetarian Recipes

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10 Best Vegetarian Recipes

The garden of leaves and vegetables will be no less than that of Eden, once you try some of these recipes. Revolutionize your health with the power of vegetables. Green foods are packed with nutrients that ignite our metabolism giving an edge to the weight control regime. They are the healthiest and most filling choices one can make.

Research proves that vegetables lower the risk of diabetes, cancer and keep you more cheerful and optimistic.  Did you know that 1st October is celebrated as 'World Vegetarian Day'? This day initiates October as the vegetarian awareness month.

With plant based eggs and meat being created, vegetarianism is definitely the next big thing. Here are our 10 best vegetarian recipes which we think are a must try! Just a few fresh ideas to inspire you.

Masala Channa
Recipe by Gunjan Goela

An all season favourite for north Indians and a great source of protein. A bowlful of mouth watering masala channa topped with tadka aloo. Wah!


Soya Haleem
Recipe by Vicky Ratnani

Haleem is a popular curry prepared during Ramzaan with meat and various dals. Here's a vegetarian version of it made with soy granules. Hyderabadi Haleem is very popular in India.


Aamras Ki Kadhi
Recipe by Aditya Bal

Aditya Bal gets set to tackle Rajputana cuisine with a delicious Aamras ki Kadhi. A quick, easy and tangy belnd of mango puree, heeng and buttermilk.


Stuffed Karela with Cheese
Recipe by Vicky Ratnani

Bitter gourd in your vegetable basket -- does it sound like a turn off? Let Vicky help you fall in love with this usually despised vegetable. Sliced karelas stuffed with an aromatic filling, rolled in spices and pan fried.


Khoya Stuffed Matar Ki Tikki
Recipe by Marut Sikka

A great contrast of flavors. Sharp on the outside and sweet inside. Tikkis made with green peas and stuffed with a sweet khoya and date filling.


Stuffed Baby Eggplant
Recipe by Girish Krishnan

Baby eggplant stuffed with boiled nuts and spices, tossed in tamarind pulp, masalas and lemon juice.


Bhutteyan Da Kebab
Recipe by Rajdeep Kapoor

Kebabs made in no time! Delicate little kebabs of potato, corn, cheese and mild seasoning.


Georgian Eggplant with Walnuts
Recipe by Vicky Ratnani

A lip smacking Georgian side dish. Eggplant slices grilled and stuffed with a walnut mixture.


Stuffed Masala Mushrooms
Recipe by Aditya Bal

Get your vitamin D fix with this recipe! Corn and mushroom mixture stuffed into mushroom caps, topped with cheese and baked to perfection. A quick party starter!


Sabziyon Ki Tehri
Recipe by Marut Sikka

A hearty one pot meal! Mixed vegetable rice cooked with yogurt, kasoori methi, varied spices and cream



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