11 Best Oatmeal Recipes | Easy Oatmeal Recipes

Oats are one of the healthiest ways to start your day. Make way for our best oatmeal recipes that you can try at home.

Sparshita Saxena, NDTV  |  Updated: January 08, 2020 17:30 IST

11 Best Oatmeal Recipes | Easy Oatmeal Recipes

Oat recipes to try at home.

Oatmeal Recipes- Is there anything like a bowl full of oatmeal bathed in steaming milk and topped with your favorite nuts, berries and fruits? It's one of the healthiest ways to start your day. Interestingly, oats are designed to be that one superfood that can easily suit your needs. Be it a quick fix for those in-between hunger pangs, a spicy evening snack or a light and hearty, hassle free supper.

Feather-light on the stomach, full of fiber and essential nutrients and low on fat, oats are one of those wonder foods that are best suited for maintaining a healthy lifestyle as well as to keep your energy levels up. Not only this, there are a bunch of reasons why one should indulge in a small helping of oatmeal as often as one can.

A Bowlful of Oatmeal A Day Can Keep A Host of Diseases Away! | Benefits of Eating Oats

A small cup of oats has a lot more to offer than you can imagine. Packed with magnesium, fiber and protein, it is also super low in calories and helps you lose weight. As said earlier, oats are a rich source of fiber which aids in proper digestion. These fibers along with complex carbohydrates facilitate in slowing down the conversion of food into simple sugars which helps in stabilizing blood sugar and lowers the risk of type 2 diabetes.
Beta glucan, a type of soluble fiber present in oats, helps in slowing down the absorption of carbohydrates in the blood stream, and this has dramatic effects on the levels of insulin and blood sugar. Beta glucans along with magnesium aid in combating bad cholesterol and help maintaining a strong immune system. Plant lignans present in oats have anti-cancer properties and also help boosting metabolism.


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Some of the unique antioxidants present in oats aid in fighting hearts risks. Avenanthramides, present in oats combat free radicals from causing any damage to the LDL cholesterol, thereby significantly striking down the risks of strokes and other cardiovascular diseases. Oats also have anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties; according to some of the latest researches, regular intake of oats can help lowering down the risks of breast cancer and post-menopausal breast cancer.

Make Oatmeal Your Daily Affair!

Most of us like to eat our oats the traditional way- add a little milk, bring it to a boil, sweeten it and load it with nuts and fruits, or add a dash of spices, herbs and a little oil to make it into a spicy relish. After a while these all-time favourites become way too monotonous for a daily affair and our taste buds start seeking novelty. Presenting 10 scintillating recipes that will add a variety to your daily meals, we would like to ensure that including oats as part of your daily intake becomes fun, interesting and gastronomically delightful.

From heartwarming cookies to feather-light idlis, discover and cook with oats like never before!

1. Chocolate Chip Oat Biscuits

Goodness of oats coupled with the dreamy flavour of chocolate and baked into perfect golden cookies.

chocolate oat biscuits
Chocolate chip oat biscuits

2. Oats Idli

For all the calorie watchers, here is an all-time South Indian hit made low fat. Beautiful round idlis made of oatmeal, subtle spices and carrots.

oats idli
Oats Idli

3. Chocolate Oat Fondant

Here is a classic French dessert with a healthy addition of oats. The sinfully flavourful chocolate soaks in the aromatic goodness of oats, and in the end it's what you call - having the best of both worlds.

chocolate oat fondant
Chocolate oat fondant

4. Pumpkin Oats Cake

Who would have thought of baking lovely a boring combination of pumpkin and oats! Do away with your calorie counting ritual and gorge on this healthy pumpkin and oats cake.

pumpkin oat cake
Pumpkin oats cake

5. Oat Apple Crumble

Cinnamon and lemon together with apples and an added crunch of oats, this sweet delight will crumble in your mouth and melt deep into your senses.

oats apple crumble
Oat apple crumble

6. Oats and Nut Muffins

Whip up a batter full with the crunch of your favourite nuts along with a healthy helping of oats. Bake a plate full of these heartwarming muffins.

oats muffinOats and nut muffins

7. Ragi Oats Ladoo

Bringing together oats and ragi flour, kneaded in healthy dough and worked into wholesome ladoos. These little wonders are coated with sesame and we bet you won't be able to resist them!

ragi oats laddoo
Ragi oats laddoo

8. Whole Grain Crackers

Bake a lovely batch of these crispy munchies, high on health and low on calories. Experience the goodness of flaxseeds, wheat flour, sesame and oats together in these crunchy delights.

whole grain crackers
Whole grain crackers

9. Bircher Muesli with Muffins

Add some variety to your morning meal by serving a blend of muffin crumbs, oats, milk, nuts, honey and cream. Is there a perfect way to start your day other than this?

bircher muesli with muffinsBircher muesli with muffins

Comments10. Elaichi Granola Bar

Granola bars are super healthy and can easily kill those untimely cravings. Add a generous helping of oats along with your favourite nuts, honey and butter.

granola bar
Elaichi granola bar

11. Oats Kheer

A delicious kheer recipe made with oats and a host of dry fruits. Easy, fuss-free and quick to prepare.

Oats kheer

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