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'Crumble' - 17 Recipe Result(s)

  • Cinnamon Apple Crumble

    A super easy and quick apple crumble recipe made with just five ingredients.

  • Chicken Crumble

    Tender chicken mingled with a creamy coconut sauce and topped with breadcrumbs. Chicken Crumble is the perfect supper recipe!

  • Apple Crumble with Singhara Atta

    Apple crumble with a twist, this one's made with singhara atta and the goodness of raisins and coconut. A perfect Navratra delicacy.

  • Apple Crumble

    Try this easy to make dessert filled with the goodness of apples. This apple crumble recipe has flavors of vanilla and crunchy almonds on top.

  • Oat Apple Crumble

    A delicious crumble made from oats, apples, no flour packed with flavors of cinnamon, lemon and nutmeg.

  • Pumpkin Crumble with Singhara Atta

    An easy pumpkin crumble recipe made with singhara atta, so you can substitute the same old meals during Navratras with something exotic.

  • Stone Fruit Crumble

    Beautiful plums, peaches, mixed fruits, berries and chopped dates cooked with cinnamon and red wine, sprinkled with crumble and baked.

  • Strawberry Crumble

    Juicy strawberries topped with a almond, flour, brown sugar crumble and baked perfect in this delightful dessert.

  • Jowar Apple Crumble

    Bringing a healthy spin to the much-loved apple crumble, this recipe uses jowar to create a delightful treat. Load it up with nuts for that extra crunch.

  • Puy Lentil & Green Onion Crumble

    Scoop up a spoonful of creamy puy lentil base, with water chestnut, carrots and more. It also flaunts a crumbly parmesan crust on top! This innovative dish has all the flavours of garlic, tomato, thyme ...

'Crumble' - 8 Article Result(s)

  • How to make fruit crumble | Back to basics

    Kids' cooking should go beyond the sweet recipes we too often teach them. But crumble is a must-have in everyone's repertoire.I can be a bit po-faced about children and puddings. It annoys me, the assumption ...

  • Readers' Recipe Swap: Crumbles

    This week Felicity Cloake referees a no-ingredients-barred crumble rumble. The oven mitts are off - and there can be only one winner.Few dishes are closer to my heart than crumble, but it's always tempting to ...

  • Kitchen Basics 101: How to Cook with Jowar Flour

    Healthy, gluten-free and absolutely delicious, there's no dearth of dishes that you can create using jowar. If you have an idea, delve into it and dish it out!

  • Nigel Slater's potato and black pudding recipe

    Making a meal of blood sausage with potatoThe recipeCut 400g of small potatoes into discs. You can peel them if you wish, but I don't really see the point if the skins are thin. Pile ...

  • Nigel Slater's Lamb, Chickpea and Feta Recipe

    Here is a quick one-pan dish for a summer's eveningLamb and feta work together in so many ways. Crumble the cheese over grilled cutlets; make a feta cream to serve with lamb fillet; spread creamed ...

  • Learn How to Make and Bake a Peach Crumble

    The sad truth about homemade peach pie is that there's never enough. As much as we all love pie for dessert, it's nice to follow up with a midnight slice. If you're lucky enough to ...

  • Beyond the Flapjack: Baking with Oats

    Using oats lends subtle texture to your baking. Try them in this tender blackberry oat crumble cake and this crunchy batch of white chocolate honey oat biscuits.

  • The Buckle Makes Great Use of Summer Fruit

    It's easy to see how the crumble and the crisp got their names. Just look at their toppings. But for me at least, the buckle was more of a mystery.