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  • Cumin Chicken (Jeera Chicken)

    A warm chicken curry with a hint of ginger-garlic paste, fried onions, cumin and coriander. You'll be left wondering why you didn't try this before.

  • Braised Cumin Chicken

    Aromatic chicken, marinated and cooked in a hot tomato sauce, served on a bed of greens with a coriander mash.

  • Zeera Chicken

    Effortless, quick and just as delicious.

  • Beans Patoli Vepudu

    French beans and channa dal tossed together with chillies and curry leaves. Beans patoli vepudu is an easy to make Andhra recipe. This goes very well with hot rice or rotis and a dash of ...

  • Orange Tofu Dumplings

    Winner of the weekly Guilt Free contest makes some innovative tofu and rava dumplings stuffed with spinach, mushrooms and walnuts. Dipped in a zesty orange sauce.

  • Stuffed Bati

    Baati is a popular Rajasthani bread snack. In this recipe a paneer and spice stuffing is used. Traditionally you mash the baati then pour ghee, chutney and dal over it.

  • Biraiee Roti

    Rotis made from channa dal, cloves, peppercorns, black cardamom and cumin seeds.

  • Spanish Potatoes

    Soft potatoes cooked in a paste of garlic, chilies, cumin, paprika and vinegar.

  • Paya Curry

    Paya is an Urdu word that denotes the trotter or foot. A curry-like preparation made with sheep trotters, onions, tomatoes and aromatic masalas.

  • Dal Bafla

    Similar to Dal Bati, these ghee laden dough balls are immensely popular in Madhya Pradesh. They are first boiled and then baked before being crumbled and topped with dal.

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