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'Mutton' - 157 Recipe Result(s)

  • Coffee Marinated Mutton Chops With Balsamic Reduction

    Juicy mutton chops with a twist from Depot 29 in New Delhi. The meat is marinated in mix of coffee, honey and balsamic reduction.

  • Parsi Mutton Cutlets

    Aditya Bal whips up his version of the Parsi mutton cutlets. They are succulent and delicious.

  • Mutton Yakhni Pulao

    Mutton cooked with masalas is stirred in with seasoned rice and topped off with mutton stock.

  • Rocky and Mayur's Mutton Korma

    A gem from the cooking treasure of our favourite Highway men. Fried mutton pieces doused in a deep, rich gravy. This one rates high on the spice-o-meter.

  • Mutton Cutlets

    An evergreen recipe of deep fried mutton cutlets. Perfect for a wintery evening.

  • Mutton Rada

    Aditya Bal visits Sanasar, Jammu & Kashmir and learns how to make a fragrant mutton rada.

  • Mutton Khichda

    Mutton khichda is a traditional Muslim dish made with rice, lentils, mutton and masalas.

  • Gongura Mutton

    Aditya Bal is a happy camper as he gets to learn a traditional gongura mutton recipe from Mrs Sujata in the spicy city of Guntur. Gongura (Sorrel leaves) is a leafy vegetable used widely in ...

  • Himachali Mutton Rara

    Tomatoes, mutton, masalas and condiments come together to create a heavenly mutton recipe, to be served with hot paratha or rotis.

  • Mutton Qorma

    Succulent mutton cooked in a creamy gravy made from a range of aromatic masalas, cashew nut paste, rose water and saffron.

'Mutton' - 11 Article Result(s)

  • 10 Best Indian Mutton Recipes

    Mutton is a tough and strongly-flavored meat that needs to be marinated and cooked well to bring out its unique taste. From American hamburgers and British roasts to the classic Indian and Middle Eastern lamb ...

  • Tickle Your Taste Buds with Kashmiri Wazwan This Eid

    Fitness Gurus might do their best resisting the delectable but calorie-rich Kashmiri Wazwan cuisine but lovers of good food can hardly do so, more so with Eid round the corner.As one of the most tasty ...

  • 5 Foods That Keep You Warm

    Most of us may know that during winters we crave for more carbohydrates and fats because our body needs to generate more heat to keep warm. Certain foods can affect our internal temperature by heating ...

  • Breakfast of Champions: Bob Marley's Curry Goat

    Jamaica's classic curry goat was the reggae legend's choice of wedding day breakfast.

  • 10 Best Kebab Recipes

    Grill, bake or fry - here are our 10 best kebab recipes which you must try!

  • Bengali New Year: Restaurants Offer Gourmet Fare

    From irresistible mochar chop (plantain flower cutlet), to kumro phul bhaaja (pumpkin flower fritters), to daab chingri (jumbo prawn in green coconut), mutton and a variety of lip-smacking traditional desserts like misti doi (sweet yoghurt) ...

  • 10 Best Rice Recipes

    Rice is a staple diet for most of India. One of the most versatile ingredients, it can be cooked as an entree, mains or a desert! Here are our 10 best rice recipes, from mouth-watering ...

  • 10 Best Indian Recipes

    Prepare yourself to dive into a world of spice-packed, flavour and fragrance rich Indian food. From paneer makhni to Kerala-styled prawns, from mutton roganjosh to Parsi eggs, every dish is an exceptional mix of spunky ...

  • A Moroccan Stew With Spice and Sweetness

    Thats when I rifle through my spice drawer, pulling out the likes of turmeric, cinnamon, cumin and sweet paprika. When melded in a tagine-inspired stew, its as warming and aromatic a dish as you can ...

  • The Awadhi Food Etiquette: Nothing Before, Nothing After Biryani

    Awadhi biryani that evolved in Kolkata in the 19th century differs from others because it contains boiled potatoes along with rice and gosht (mutton).