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  • Cornmeal Pancakes

    This one's a healthy breakfast winner. Pancakes made with cornmeal and whole wheat flour, and served with chilli butter.

  • Gluten-Free Buckwheat Pancakes

    Sizzling hot golden pancakes made with a range of healthy ingredients, served with oodles of marmalade.

  • Apple Pancakes

    Soft pancakes for breakfast with the goodness of apples, lemon rind and raisins. These pancakes are absolutely yummy.

  • Banana Pancakes

    Fluffy pancakes with bananas and a hint of vanilla essence. These banana pancakes are a perfect breakfast option.

  • Banh Xeo (Vietnamese Pancakes)

    Bahn Xeo are Vietnamese pancakes which are made with rice flour. Stuffed with shrimps, chicken and some bean sprouts these pancakes are a delight to eat.

  • Banana and Cranberry Pancakes

    Delicate little pancakes with dried cranberries and fresh bananas.

  • Coconut Pancakes (Allebelles)

    Allebelles are home made Goan pancakes with a coconut-jaggery filling.

  • Cinnamon Pancakes

    Soft and fluffy eggless pancakes with the mild aroma of cinnamon. A perfect Sunday breakfast option.

  • Eggless Pancakes

    Serve these basic pancakes with a sweet or a savoury filling/sauce.

  • Banana Pancakes With Caramelized Apples

    Easy to make banana pancakes topped with golden caramelized apples.

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