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    • Jack Monroe's Spring Herb Risotto Recipe

      This zingy dish is a celebration of the season, so use whichever herbs look freshest I like parsley, mint and dill.

    • Jack Monroe's Barbecue Cola Ribs Recipe

      These sticky, sweet, melt-in-the-mouth ribs make a thrifty meal. Try to keep them as an occasional treat as I use full-sugar cola to add a punch of flavour.

    • Jack Monroe's Chinese Chicken Curry Recipe

      This is my version of my dad's chicken curry which was itself a replica of a Chinese takeaway dish. It's a great way to feed a crowd.

    • Jack Monroe's Brown Bread Ice-Cream Recipe

      You can use your own homemade bread in this updated version of a classic Mrs Beeton dessert or just cheat with a bought loaf.

    • Jack Monroe's Tom Kha Gai Soup Recipe

      This sweet and spicy Thai coconut soup makes a great lunch add leftover chicken if you have some, but I often do without.

    • Jack Monroes Southern Fried Chicken

      Liver is cheap, lean, nutrient-rich and quick to cook. Children may not find that argument compelling, but batter the livers and deep-fry them, and you should win out.

    • Jack Monroe's Choux Pastry Hearts Recipe

      Don't be scared of choux pastry - it's really easy. But it's bound to impress your Valentine, especially sandwiched with cream and slathered in chocolate.

    • Jack Monroe's Red Bean Soup with Dumplings

      The humble kidney bean makes a great base for this deeply satisfying soup and dumpling combo.

    • Crunch Time: The Art of the Crisp Sandwich

      The worlds first crisp sandwich shop has opened in Belfast. If you cant go yourself, heres a fun recipe for a hot, crunchy homemade potato crisp sarnie.

    • Jack Monroes Half-and-Half Bread - Recipe

      If the kids prefer white bread, just sneak in a bit more wholemeal each time until your loaf is 50/50 they'll never notice the difference.

    • Make Your Own Christmas: Recipe for Jack Monroe's Tree Biscuits

      I wanted to start my own Christmas traditions, and these tasty edible decorations are what I chose to begin with.The past few Christmases had been all over the place for my little family, and 2013 was the first year I felt able to establish my ...

    • Jack Monroe's Lardy Cake Recipe

      This sweet, fatty, carb-laden treat is a satisying, occasional comfort on a winter's day. Just don't eat it every day!I had my first lardy cake earlier this year, from a petrol station with a surprising array of baked goods, and the fatty, soft, sweet...

    • Jack Monroe's Mushroom Pearl Barley Risotto Recipe

       I have an anarchic view of risotto - this one uses pearl barley instead of rice for a nutty flavour and interesting textureMy mum used to do a great mushroom and tomato risotto in a big, square electric pan, with long-grain rice and tinned tomatoes....

    • Jack Monroe's Pumpkin and Sultana Scones Recipe

      This Halloween, try these pumpkin scones instead of the ubiquitous pie. They are sweet enough to eat with butter and savoury enough to pile with cheeseI missed out on the fun of Halloween as a child, growing up in a household with strict Christian sensibilities...

    • Jack Monroe's Beetroot Hummus With Flatbread Recipe

      Pink hummus is perfect for parties, and homemade flatbreads beat packets of pitta every timeI first made this hummus for a fourth birthday party. As much as I rail against gender norms in most aspects of my life, the smallest girl in our household is...

    • Jack Monroe's Star Anise and Orange Ice-Cream Recipe

      Don't save this pretty spice for mulled wine - try it in a delicious ice-cream, perfect for warm autumn daysStar anise is not just for Christmas - I got an enormous bag of it recently from my friend Sarah, who gives cooking lessons on the ...

    • Jack Monroe's Pissaladiere Recipe

      Pitta bread makes a cheap and fuss-free base for these onion and anchovy tarts, which are perfect picnic fareThis is a play on the traditional French pissaladière, an onion and anchovy tart usually made with puff pastry. I cheat a bit and turn them...

    • Jack Monroe's Panzanella Recipe

      This delicious summer salad is a great way to use up leftover bread and tomatoes. Add orange slices for a fruity twistI love panzanella's thrifty nature. It is an ideal use for stale bread, which softens as it soaks up the juices from the tomatoes ...

    • Jack Monroe's Pork and Black Bean Feijoada Recipe

      This Brazilian stew should be made with pigs' snouts, ears and trotters - but don't worry, you can use bacon and sausage insteadFeijoada typically uses offal, so if you're keen on offcuts and have a good butcher, ask for the snouts, ears and trotters...

    • Jack Monroe's Lemon Chicken and Herb Yoghurt Recipe

      Zesty chicken and cool, minty yoghurt - what could be better on a hot summer's day?I don't write many meat recipes, as free range is largely outside the realms of budget cooking, so it's an occasional treat. This deliciously zesty recipe makes the most...

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