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    • Dementia not the Epidemic it was Feared to be, Say Academics

      Figures suggesting condition could become an epidemic are out of date, with numbers of patients stabilising across western Europe, say experts.

    • Working Longer Hours Increases Stroke Risk, Major Study Finds

      Danger highlighted by research suggesting those working a 55-hour week face 33% increased risk of stroke than those working a 35- to 40-hour week.

    • Daily Glass of Wine Raises Risk of Breast Cancer in Women

      US study finds light drinking linked only to minimal increase in risk of all cancers but daily drink raises chances of breast cancer for women significantly.

    • Obesity Awareness May be Causing Overeating, Finds International Study

      Calls for public health rethink after research suggests people who believe they are overweight comfort-eat, leading to further weight gain

    • Smoking Tobacco Might Increase Risk of Schizophrenia, Say Researchers

      Analysis of studies on smoking tobacco and psychosis, of which schizophrenia is most common type, suggests smoking may be causal factor in itself.

    • Third of Overweight Teenagers Think They are Right Size, Study Shows

      Relatively few normal-weight teens think they are too heavy, but many who are overweight do not acknowledge it.

    • Drinking During Pregnancy: Global Concern Raised by Studies

      More than 17,000 women in the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand were questioned, with confusion over guidelines blamed for the figures.

    • Daily Chocolate Dose May Fend off Heart Disease, But Don't Bet Your Life On it

      Unfortunately, anyone thinking this gives them carte blanche to indulge in divine decadence is being a tad premature.

    • Obese Teenage Boys Could Have Higher Risk of Bowel Cancer, Study Says

      Researchers find men who were overweight or obese when they were 16-20 are more likely to develop disease in their 50s.

    • Psychiatric Drugs Do More Harm Than Good, Says Expert

      Peter Gtzsche argues that most prescriptions could be stopped without causing harm, but other experts strongly disagree.

    • Caesarean Sections Should Only be Done Out of Medical Necessity: WHO

      World Health Organisation says procedure carries health risks, but does not improve mortality rates in countries where high numbers are performed.

    • Underweight People Face Significantly Higher Risk of Dementia: Study

      Research involving health records of 2 million people contradicts current thinking, sparking surprise among authors and health experts.

    • Alzheimer's Drug Trial Shows Promising Early Results

      Experts cautiously welcome results of trial of antibody known as aducanumab, which appears to show benefit in patients given it in very earliest stage of disease.

    • The Longer Babies Breastfeed, the More They Achieve in Life - Major Study

      Brazilian study of 6,000 babies from all backgrounds since 1982 finds those who breastfed were more intelligent, spent longer in education and earned more.

    • Nestle, PepsiCo and Others Use Public Funds to Develop Harmful Snacks

      Obesity charities say Innovate UK should not be paying multinationals to invent an energy-efficient chocolate machine or a new way to dry potatoes.

    • Feed Babies Peanut Products to Reverse Rise in Allergy: Scientists

      Researchers say children should be introduced to peanuts as soon as they begin eating solid foods, contradicting previous advice.

    • Fat is Not the Root of All Evil

      Many experts agree that 1980s fat guidance did not have robust evidence to underpin it, but most of them disagree that it is time to rip it up.

    • Half of People in Britain Born After 1960 Will Get Cancer, Study Shows

      Cancer Research paper factors in future population changes such as more of us growing older and changes in lifestyle habits.

    • How to Avoid More Gastric Surgery? Five Ways We Can Change Our Health Culture

      Prevention is key to limiting the impact of widespread obesity on the NHS, which is why we need a wholesale change in attitudeRedesigning the human gut is a pretty extreme measure to cope with the junk food and all-day eating culture of the 21st century....

    • Being Overweight Raises Risk of Men Developing Aggressive Prostate Cancer

      World Cancer Research Fund review of global research finds link between obesity and advanced prostate cancer is strongMen who are overweight or obese have a higher chance of developing an aggressive and potentially fatal prostate cancer, according to...

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