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    • Is it Worth it? Dynamic Running Therapy

      'When you're running and talking, the focus is removed from both activities - you run further and talk more freely

    • Yoga: Is it Worth it?

      Everyone knows what yoga is. An exercise, originating in ancient times, that focuses on strength and flexibility.

    • Stuart Heritage's Homemade Life: Brewing Beer

      Homebrew has come a long way since the horrors of your dads undrinkable attempts at alcoholic drinks these days you can make ale to be proud of.

    • Is It Worth It? Body Composition Monitor

      Every now and again, I need something to come along and shock me into being more active. For better or worse, this was it.

    • Macho Diets: From Lord Falconer's Diet Coke and Apples to Charles Saatchi's Nine Eggs a Day

      Falconer's five-stone weight loss is the latest in a string of unusual regimes - so what's with the ostentatious suffering that goes with so many alpha male diets?If you spent the last week gawping at Renée Zellweger's face, trying to figure out which...

    • Is it Worth it? Water Workout

      'Superficially, you're performing rudimentary movements to Akon songs, but my class was full of conspiratorial pensioners who used it as a chance to natter'What is it? You might know it better as aqua aerobics, or aquafit, or that thing you reluctantly...

    • Squirrel Burgers? No Thanks, I'm Fed Up With Stunts in Buns

      We've had black burgers, £1,100 gourmet buns and 'human flesh' - are novelty burgers destroying the cherished slab of fried beef mince?In business, it's a familiar story: the first generation will have a lucrative idea, the second generation will expand...

    • How Dare Anyone Criticise British Food? Indigestible Dinners Made This Country Great

      The US ambassador to the UK, Matthew Barzun, has said that he is sick of being served lamb and potatoes. He should try our colourless tapioca and damp brussels sprouts insteadThere are five things that visitors to this country should never do: stand...

    • Seven Days, Seven Diets

      Eaten too much over Christmas? Thinking of going on a diet, but not sure which to plump for? One man spent a week testing out weight-loss plans to find out which you can stick with.The first act of a new year is usually attempting to ...

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