High Protein Diet: 5 Tea-Time Ragi Snacks You May Include In Your Weight Loss Diet

Ragi, is packed with fibre and protein both of which are very crucial for weight management

Sushmita Sengupta  |  Updated: July 13, 2019 14:42 IST

High Protein Diet: 5 Tea-Time Ragi Snacks You May Include In Your Weight Loss Diet

Weight Loss: Protein and fibre keep you full for longer and prevent over-eating.

  • Protein is a crucial component for weight loss
  • High protein food helps induce satiety and prevents bingeing
  • Ragi is a rich, gluten-free grain teeming with dietary fibre

A lot of us associate weight loss diet with all foods bland and boring, but if you are willing to work around with new ingredients, you would realise that weight loss can be a fun and flavourful affair too. Ragi is actually one of the oldest grains of India; it is used extensively in many Indian preparations. However, in the last century or so, we have grown heavily reliant on maida-based products. Maida is everywhere, from our bread, chips to snacks. It tends to metabolise soon and leave you hungry again in no time. Ragi, on the other hand, is packed with fibre and protein – both of which are very crucial for weight management. Protein and fibre do not get digested so quickly; they keep you full for longer and prevent over-eating. If you eat in controlled portions, you are more likely to lose weight at a faster rate. If you are looking to swap your fattening ingredients with something healthy and filling - ragi could be a nice starting point.

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Here Are Some Delicious Tea-Time Snacks You Can Make With Ragi:

1. Baked Ragi Chakli

Chakli or Murukku is a classic tea-time snack down south. Coiled and crunchy, chakli is delicious snack often too hard to resist. It is traditionally made with rice flour, but in this recipe, you can bring the carb quotient down by using ragi flour instead of rice flour. This chakli is also baked and not fried, which helps you save a whole lot of calories too! 

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Baked Ragi Chakli

2. Ragi Samosa

Tea time in India is incomplete without a plate of piping hot samosas. Give your samosa a healthy spin by ditching maida and fatty stuffing. Triangular ragi pockets, stuffed with a creamy filling of cucumber, peas and cashew nut – these samosas are nothing like anything you have had before. Even though this ragi snack needs you to fry it in regular oil, you can always air-fry them to save calories.

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ragi samosa

Ragi Samosas served with chutney

3. Ragi Cookies

You obviously need some cookies or biscuits to pair with your hot cup of chai, right? But before you inch towards your regular maida cookies have a look at this dense and rich ragi cookie. Made with the goodness ragi and cane sugar, this delicious ragi snack is an ideal addition to your high protein diet. 

ragi cookie

Scrumptious Ragi Cookies

4. Ragi Oats Ladoo

Gone are the days when ‘ladoos' were seen as a luxury item. Nowadays, not only you can order ladoos anytime you want but also cook them in a jiffy when cravings kick in. This healthy makeover to your traditional ladoo would ensure you feel a little less guilty for your indulgence. Made with ragi flour, oats flour, honey, dates and milk, this ladoo is a power-packed way to keep hunger at bay. 

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ragi ladoo
Delicious Ragi Ladoos

5. Ragi Chips:

Ditch your high-fat, high-calorie potato chips with some delicious, home-made ragi chips. Mix ragi and wheat flour, throw in some red chilli powder and salt, add a little water and knead a smooth dough. Now, take small balls off this dough and roll out thin, crisp chips. Bake these chips. Serve hot. 

Try these snacks and let us know how you like it.


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