Jacqueline Fernandez's Diet and Workout Mantras You Must Steal

NDTV Food  |  Updated: May 19, 2017 10:56 IST

Jacqueline Fernandez's Diet and Workout Mantras You Must Steal
Besides being one of the most popular Bollywood actresses in recent years, this Sri Lankan-born beauty is well-known for two reasons - one because she's completely self-made and secondly, for her unparalleled dedication to health and fitness. From endorsing yoga to organic juices, Jacqueline has juggled between movies, celebrity endorsements, television advertising and created a whole new space for herself in the industry.

In 2011, Jacqueline made her debut in India with Murder 2 opposite Emraan Hashmi. Then, she went on to work in popular movies like Housefull 2 and 3, Dishoom, Kick and Race 2. Besides being a television star, Jacqueline has shown to have a keen interest in the food industry. She owns a restaurant in Colombo, which goes by the the name Kaema Sutra and offers authentic Sri Lankan food. In 2014, there were also reports of her trying to scout for a location to open her own organic food cafe, which would eventually double up as a yoga centre.

On Her Love for Yoga, Pilates and More

In one of her television interviews released on YouTube, she admits to being a total workout junkie. "I make it a point to exercise at least an hour a day and like to shake things up a bit. I don't do the same kind of workout daily but choose from yoga, dance, gym or some kind of cardio."

She adds, “A workout routine should never be boring, which is why you should keep yourself busy with different classes and sessions. One hour of working out every day will ensure you lead a happy, healthy and fit life. Focusing on what you eat could also be key. I don’t leave anything out of my diet and make sure I’m getting good kinds of fat, carbs and more. Basically ensure what I’m eating is very healthy for me.”

CommentsIf you scour her Instagram feed, you’ll find all kinds of superfoods that have been spoken about in recent years: toni juice, wheat grass shots and many more dietary supplements. “Pilates has given me a much stronger body. Find an exercise that really suits you and that you enjoy. There will be that one exercise that you will love. It should pump your heart rate and you must do it diligently for an hour a day. Supplement it with a good diet so it’s most effective. Drinks lots of water, take it easy and also find a gym buddy to make working out fun and easy,” says Jacqueline.

She’s come on the cover of Women’s Health, endorsed Puma sports shoes and workout gear, and is often seen as a role model of fitness to inspire the youth. On her favourite forms of workout, she says, “a combination of a lot of pilates which are coupled with different forms of cardio. Dancing for one." You can find a bunch of workout videos on her Instagram feed for inspiration.

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