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Meet Nikita, a passionate soul with an insatiable love for two things in life: Bollywood and food! When she's not indulging in binge-watching sessions, Nikita can be found behind the lens capturing moments or expressing her creativity through painting.

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    • Date Night Dining in Jaipur: Top 10 Places To Enjoy A Romantic Date In The Pink City

      Jaipur offers a wide range of restaurants perfect for a romantic evening. Read on to know where you can go with your significant other.

    • Are Moong Dal Sprouts Really High In Protein? Nutritionist Busts Popular Myth

      For years, sprouts have been known to aid weight loss by providing protein in high amounts. But do they really? Read on to know nutritionist Leema Mahajan's take on this.

    • 5 Tips To Make Perfect Pyaaz Kachori Every Time

      Pyaaz kachoris are loved for their spicy filling and flaky texture. But how do you make these at home? Follow these easy tips while whipping some up, and you will be a pyaaz kachori pro in no time!

    • Should You Eat Before Workout? Ayurvedic Expert Reveals Best Pre-Workout Habits

      Have you been working out but not getting the desired results? It could be because of your pre-workout habits. Read on to know Dr. Dimple Jangda's suggestion on whether or not you should eat before exercising.

    • 5 Genius Ways to Reuse Leftover Cucumber Peels

      There is nothing that screams summer more than cucumber. But its peels are often discarded. Try these 5 easy ways to give your leftover cucumber peels a second life.

    • 5 Genius Ways To Use Baking Soda To Elevate Your Cooking

      Have you been baking soda just for baking and cleaning? Then it's time to step up your cooking game! Here are five easy ways to use baking soda in your everyday cooking and improve your kitchen efficiency.

    • Why Is Sourdough Bread A Healthier Option Than Regular Bread? Nutritionist Explains

      Sourdough Or Regular Bread: Sourdough bread is a healthier option than regular bread. Read on to learn how it can help support a healthy gut in today's fast-paced life.

    • This "Snickers Pasta" Recipe Is Going Viral And People Are Saying "Absolutely Not"

      The Instagram user justified her recipe and called it a "perfect" meal to dig into when you crave something chocolatey.

    • 10 Budget-Friendly Restaurants And Cafes In Jaipur You Shouldn't Miss

      Jaipur Restaurants and Cafes: Jaipur is not just about architectural history but also lip-smacking food. Read our comprehensive guide to get the best food in the Pink City on a budget!

    • Is Your Gut Feeling...Off? Nutritionist Spills The Beans On 4 Gut Signs You Need To Know

      If your stomach is growling like a beast? Here's What Your Gut is Trying to Tell You. But how do you ensure that? Nutritionist Shalini Sudhakar dropped the ultimate solutions for all your daily digestive issues! You won't believe how easy these fixes are!

    • 5 Interesting Dishes You Can Make With A Jar Of Chilli Oil

      Chilli oil dishes: This oil is a versatile kitchen ingredient used to give a fiery kick to your normal dishes. Here are 5 easy dishes to use it in.

    • Salt Dilemma: Is It Safe To Consume Refined White Salt? Nutritionist Shares

      Salt is essential in our everyday foods and daily life. But the question remains, is it healthy for you? Read on to know Nutritionist Amita Gadres's stand on this subject.

    • 5 Life-Changing Tips For Newbie Cooks: How To Actually Nail A Recipe

      Cooking can seem daunting at first but a wholesome experience afterwards. But that comes only after you follow a recipe correctly. Read on to learn how you can do that as a beginner.

    • Obsessed with Summer Drinks? This Ice Apple Lemonade is All You Need

      Ice apple, also known as tadgola, is loved for its refreshing properties and sweet taste. Here is how you make this unique lemonade recipe in no time!

    • T20 World Cup: 12 Best Places To Catch World Cup Matches In Delhi-NCR

      Check out which places are offering exciting deals while you enjoy the upcoming India Vs Pakistan match!

    • Benefits Of Cardamom Water: Why You Should Incorporate This Drink In Your Daily Diet

      Cardamom water benefits: Cardamom water, when consumed early in the morning on an empty stomach, can provide several benefits from digestive to oral.

    • This Barley Cooler Recipe Is Basically Summer In A Glass And We're Obsessed

      This barley cooler recipe is so good, you'll forget you're even drinking something healthy. Ten sips of this drink and you'll be craving for summer all year long.

    • 5 Tips To Make Perfect Baingan (Eggplant) Raita At Home

      Baingan Raita is a flavourful recipe made of eggplant, yoghurt, and spices. But, getting the perfect flavours can seem tricky. Follow these 5 tips to make the most flavourful baingan raita at home.

    • Struggling To Stop Mindless Munching? Here's What Nutritionist Suggests To Break The Habit

      You're eating healthy but still not losing weight? This happens to everyone. Nutritionist Urvi Gohil suggests ways to fix it.

    • Stop, Don't Throw Away Melon Seeds! Try These 5 Delicious Ways To Eat Melon Seeds

      Melon seeds, often discarded, are easy to store and offer a nutty flavour to dishes. Read on to learn how to make the most of these seeds!

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    Nikita Nikhil

    Meet Nikita, a passionate soul with an insatiable love for two things in life: Bollywood and food! When she's not indulging in binge-watching sessions, Nikita can be found behind the lens capturing moments or expressing her creativity through painting.