5 Guilt-Free Snacks to Fight Evening Hunger Pangs

   |  Updated: June 02, 2017 20:38 IST

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5 Guilt-Free Snacks to Fight Evening Hunger Pangs
  • Evening hunger pangs are hard to battle
  • Don't give in and resort to snacking on junk
  • Try these guilt-free snacks to satiate your gnawing hunger
Let's face it, the most dreaded time of the day is when you're quickly wrapping up at work and heading home. The seemingly never-ending gap between your afternoon meal and dinner-time gnarls in your tummy and lures you into picking any junk on your way to satiate those hunger pangs. If you believe in guilt-free snacking but are guilty of failing on the weighing scale, we suggest you break your larger meals into smaller chunks and get into the habit of consuming a wholesome, filing yet low-cal evening snack. Always remember, starvation is not going to help, binge-eating is even deadlier. The only way out is to make informed dietary choices and plan your meals smartly.

Bottom-line? We love adding a host of whole grains to our diet. There is just so much to choose from - amaranth, rye, bajra, jowar to ragi, red rice and quinoa. You can easily find make low-cal munchies with these wonder grains. We've got you 5 sensational recipes that you can explore in the comfort of your kitchen and indulge in when hunger strikes. Some of these can be made in batches and can be stored for a longer time. Happy snacking!

Quinoa Biscuit
Recipe by Meher Mirza

Quinoa is loaded with protein. Bake these in power-packed cookies in batches and enjoy them whenever you please!

quinoa biscuit

Amaranth Tikkis
Recipe by Seema Chandra

This ancient grain has now been regarded as the new-age superfood. Make the most of the humble ramdana by savouring these delicious tikkis.

amaranth tikki

Whole Grain Crackers
Recipe by Seema Chandra

Serve these whole grain crackers with a zesty dip and you're sorted.

whole grain crackers

Oatmeal Cookies
Recipe by Chef Anupam Joglekar, Executive Chef, Inter-Continental, The Grand

Indulge in the goodness of crunchy oats baked to delight your palate.

cookies new 620

Mixed Millet Bhelpuri
Recipe by Daisy Malik

Nothing like freshly made bhel with a generous squeeze of lemon juice. Add a healthy twist to this street food and relish guilt-free!


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