5 Spectacular Benefits of Watermelon and Refreshing Recipes

   |  Updated: June 28, 2018 12:03 IST

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5 Spectacular Benefits of Watermelon and Refreshing Recipes
There's nothing better than biting into a big, juicy wedge of fresh watermelon on a hot, summer day! It's an amazing way to replenish the fluid that your body loses on a scorching day.

You can blend the sweet pulp into a refreshing drink, or serve it with some honey & yogurt. Have guests over? Skewer it with feta & top it off with olive tapenade. Give your palate a summer awakening and make the best use of this seasonal melon.


Benefits of Watermelon

1. Nutritionists recommend that you should include watermelon in your breakfast meal and it will keep you hydrated throughout the day. This simply stems from the fact that watermelons are 92% water by weight.

1. What's lesser known are the other benefits like the fact that it is a negative calorie fruit and tends to burn more calories during digestion than add in. Indulge in this delicious fruit & work your way to that dream body (bye bye belly fat)!

3. It's also packed with Vitamin A and C with a modest amount of potassium.

4. The blush red colour comes from a nutrient called lycopene which is found in red fruits and vegetables. This nutrient is great for your vision and it also promotes heart health.

5. Various studies have found that drinking watermelon juice may help relieve muscle soreness.

Watermelon Seeds: Another thing that you may have avoided up till now is the watermelon seed. Let's face it, we all spot it and discard it. But they are actually packed with vitamins, high in protein & low in cholesterol. When sun-dried, they can be a great snack like melon seeds and flax seeds. They tend to be a cheaper alternative, all you have to do is clean the seeds and let them dry under the sun for about a week before you use them.

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How to pick a watermelon:

In India, you will find the round, green variety but this may surprise you. In Japan, they sell square watermelons! That's because they stack better. While the watermelon is still small, it is placed in a square glass box and it acquires the shape as it grows. Interesting, isn't it? Back to where we were, these tips and tricks will help you pick the very best variety.

1. Pick it up. It should feel heavy, not hollow, as ripe watermelons have more water.

2. Look for a creamy, yellow spot. Watermelons tend to develop a patch where they are placed on the ground to soak up the sun. When you find it, it means that the fruit is ripe. This is called the 'ground spot'. If this spot is white or greenish it means the fruit may have been picked too early.

3. Tap it and hear the sound. A ripe one will have a deep hollow sound while those that are under-ripe or overripe will sound dull.

4. The watermelon should be uniformly shaped and symmetrical, free from bruises and scars. Press against different spots, it should feel firm.

5. Ripe ones are dark green in colour, they tend to be sweeter. The surface colour should be dull. If it is shiny, it may be unripe.

How to Cut a Watermelon: After washing the rind of the watermelon thoroughly, use a sharp-edged knife and carefully slice off the top and bottom. Then carefully slice down through the center. Tip: Cut along the dark stripes of the rind, in order to get the seeds on the outside. It is easier to remove the seeds this way. Cut each half into sections. And hold the section with one hand, while removing the juicy pulp from its rind simultaneously. Slice down further into even triangular pieces... and dig in!

We think of watermelon as the stuff of fruit salads or smoothies, but it's also great in savory curries. We've included the perfect watermelon recipes for kids or the kind that wow guests, but require barely any effort! Get ready to enjoy this summertime staple like never before. From watermelon desserts to colorful salads, these recipes show you just how versatile this summer fruit can be.

Coconut & Watermelon Ice-Cream With a Papaya Sauce

Recipe by Chef Vicky Ratnani

This watermelon ice-cream is the perfect bright finish to any summer meal! Spruce it up with a papaya sauce, drizzle some balsamic glaze & feast on it after dinner.

Watermelon Salad with Feta Cheese

Recipe by Chef Seema Chandra

Counting calories? This healthy summer salad is perfect for you! Spiked with the sweet-sharp heat of balsamic vinegar, ice-cold cubes of watermelon teamed up with buttery crumbles of feta. For a welcome tanginess, add an extra splash of lime & crunchy pine nuts.


Watermelon Curry

Recipe by Chef Vicky Ratnani

Infused with watermelon juice, tomato puree and paneer- this masaledar curry is absolutely divine. Top it off with some mango slices & you're good to go!


Iced Watermelon Drink

Recipe by Chef Roopa Gulati

Sweet, tangy and absolutely thirst quenching- a drink you'll want to slurp on all summer long! All you need is 5 ingredients & 15 minutes to cool down with this refreshing summer sipper.


Chilled Watermelon & Beet Soup

Recipe by Chef Vicky Ratnani

Beat the heat with our citrus-y recipe! Watermelon and beetroot may seem an unlikely combination, but when you put them together you'll be surprised at how good they taste. Serve chilled on a hot summery day.


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