Weight Loss: Swear By Heavy Breakfast And Light Dinner To Shed Those Extra Kilos – Study (Recipes Inside)

Eating a big breakfast than a large dinner keeps the body fit and healthy as the routine may help in burning calories. This will further prevent obesity and high blood sugar.

Somdatta Saha (with inputs from IANS)  |  Updated: February 26, 2020 16:14 IST


Are you one of those who try several diets and hacks to shed the extra kilos? If yes, then whatever formula you follow, just do not forget to have heavy breakfast and light dinner. Does this advice sound familiar? It surely will for some of you as the elders and nutritionists advise the same several times. Now, to back the statement with stronger evidence, here we have a new study that says eating a big breakfast than a large dinner keeps the body fit and healthy as the routine may help in burning calories. This will further prevent obesity and high blood sugar. This study, by researchers at the University of Lubeck in Germany, was published in The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism. The researchers found that a body processes food better in the morning.

A report by IANS states that human body releases energy when we digest food for "absorption, digestion, transport and storage of nutrients". This process is known as diet-induced thermogenesis (DIT). DIT is a measure of how well our metabolism is working, which can differ depending on mealtime.

"Our results show that a meal eaten for breakfast, regardless of the amount of calories it contains, creates twice as high diet-induced thermogenesis as the same meal consumed for dinner," said the study corresponding author, Juliane Richter, from University of Lubeck in Germany, as per the report.

"This finding is significant for all people as it underlines the value of eating enough at breakfast," Richter further stated, adding, "We recommend that patients with obesity as well as healthy people eat a large breakfast rather than a large dinner to reduce body weight and prevent metabolic diseases."

Here Are Three Breakfast Ideas To Kick-Start Your Day

Coconut Lime Quinoa Salad

This healthy, filling and flavourful salad can give a perfect start to your day. Quick and easy to prepare, this salad is packed with goodness of super grain quinoa, along with coconut and zing of lime. It can be consumed any time of the day. Click here for the recipe.

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Almond And Cranberry Poha

Poha is a quintessential breakfast in almost every Indian household. Adding on to the comfort of poha, this recipe will have the nutrition of almonds and cranberries. This almond and cranberry poha is high in protein and calcium value. Click here for the recipe.

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Ragi Dosa

Another comfort food for almost every Indian, dosa is any day a healthy breakfast option. Giving the health quotient a kick, this recipe is a combination of two flours - ragi and rice flour. Ragi dosa is gluten-free and contains good amount of nutrients. Click here for the recipe.

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Try these recipes at home and let us know how it was!


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