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  • Mutton Shami Kebab

    Shami kebab is a wonderful snack from hyderabadi cuisine. This easy-to-cook recipe is made by mutton though Shami kebabs can be vegetarian too. A perfect snack for dinner parties at home.

  • hyderabadi dum ka murgh hindi

    चिकन को अलग-अलग तरीके के बनाया जा सकता है। लेकिन दम पर बनाएं चिकन का स्वाद ही अलग होता है। काजू, चिरौंजी, मसालों और प्याज़ मे मैरीनेट किया गया चिकन हल्की आंच पर दम स्टाइल ...

  • Sabudana Papad with Hyderabadi Double Meetha

    Hyderabadi double ka meetha, as the name suggests, is a recipe native to Hyderabad. This recipe is a refreshing take on it, the crispiness of Sabudana Papad along with the soothing sweet taste of the ...

  • hyderabadi biryani hindi

    हैदराबादी बिरयानी को कौन नहीं खाना चाहता। हर कोई इसका दिवाना है। नाम लेते ही मुंह में पानी ला दाने वाली यह डिश आपकी रात की पार्टी के लिए एकदम परफेक्ट है। सभी बिरयानी रेसिपी ...

  • Dalcha

    A meaty specialty straight from Hyderabad.

  • Mutton Dalcha

    Mutton Dalcha is a famous meat curry from Hyderabad. It is made with mutton, chana dal and a host of spices.

  • Hyderabadi Dum Ka Murgh

    Whole chicken marinated leisurely in a host of spices along with cashews, chironji and fried onions. It is slow-cooked 'dum style'.

  • Hyderabadi Baingan

    Straight from the royal kitchens of Hyderabad comes an authentic brinjal curry. Small whole brinjals are doused in a nutty gravy made with peanuts, tamarind and sesame seeds.

  • Hyderabadi Biryani

    Hyderabadi biryani is one of the most popular biryani recipe. Create it at home to make a mark at your dinner party! Half boiled rice layered with fried onions, mint, cooked mutton, sealed with dough ...

  • Aubergine and Green Chili Salan

    A twist to the Hyderabadi mirchi ka salan. This one is made with aubergines, coconut, peanuts and poppy seeds.

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