Rice Recipes

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  • Assorted Rice Kheer Sushi

    Rice Kheer is one of the most favourite Indian dessert during various festivals like Diwali, Eid, and other celebrations. It can be easily made at home, but now we have an exotic version of this ...

  • Easy Coconut Rice

    This Coconut Rice recipe is one of our favourite South Indian food, easily made at home using fresh coconut. An aroma of curry leaves and fresh coconut makes the rice flavorful. It is very easy ...

  • Curd Rice

    Simple curd rice can be prepared with steamed rice and plain curd or with additional tempering of Urad Dal, mustard seeds, chillies, coriander leaves and steamed rice. This one is a must have item as ...

  • Brown Rice Salad

    Filling yet refreshing, this different and delicious take on salads is especially a good deal in the summers. There is no need for a separate dressing, and it can be made hours before serving, making ...

  • Fried Rice with Soya Chunks

    This is a quick and easy dish, especially to have something different for lunch. Soya chunks are protein and fibre rich and are often used to make biryani and curries.

  • Pashtooni Zarda Pulao

    Rich with nuts, saffron and rose water, this is the perfect recipe to celebrate festivity.

  • Corn Pulao

    Corn pulao is a easy recipe that makes for a complete meal. With spices, Basamati rice and beautiful corn kernels, pack some for lunch to make everyone jealous.

  • Mix Fruit Rice Phirnee

    This delicious milk and rice based creamy dessert, has a thick texture that melts in your mouth. This simple and short recipe brings together generous quantities of chopped dry fruit and fresh fruit. Serve ...

  • Risotto-e-Tonno

    Brown rice, capers, chopped olives, mixed vegetables and fresh lemon juice all come together to create this easy, healthy meal perfect to pack for lunch or a picnic! Top with moist tuna chops, and enjoy ...

  • Kushari

    Rice, chickpeas, macaroni and lentils cooked with freshly made tomato sauce. Kushari is a very famous Egyptian dish.

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    Here are our 10 best rice recipes, from mouth-watering mutton biryani to mushroom risotto.

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  • 10 Best South Indian Rice Recipes

    If you love South Indian food, you would know that rice plays a very important role in most of the regional cuisines of the Southern states in India.

  • 7 Best Brown Rice Recipes

    It wouldnt be wrong to say that Indians love rice. Here's presenting seven delicious recipes using brown rice for a healthy spin.

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    It's no hidden secret that South India is obsessed with rice. There are so many varieties of rice dishes that you can savour across the region. Here are our 10 best.

  • Curd Rice: 3 Delicious Variations to Cooking This South Indian Dish

    Many homes throw in a lot of love and ingredients into their version of curd rice - from cashew nuts to pomegranates and green grapes, sprucing it up.

  • 10 Best Indian Rice Recipes

    Rice is a cherished ingredient in India, which is used extensively across various regional cuisines. Be it savoury or sweet, an accompaniment or main, it finds its way to the dinner table in more ways ...

  • How to Cook Brown Rice: Tips and Tricks

    It cannot be denied that brown rice is vastly healthier than white rice. Here's a beginner's guide on how to cook and store brown rice.

  • Brown Rice, the New Ingredient in Making Sushi

    Hideo Ono advocates brown rice instead of white rice because of its many health benefits. Brown rice is known to lower the risk of developing diabetes, and it's high in fiber, which promotes cardiovascular health.

  • Mexican Rice Recipe: How to Make This Flavourful One-Pot Dish

    Mexican rice is also widely referred to as Spanish rice. It is the star attraction of Mexican cuisine even though it's not the country's traditional dish.