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  • Sprouts and Rava pancakes

    Made from sprouts and semolina, this pancake recipe is an instant, nutritious, low calorie, protein rich recipe ideal for breakfast and snack time.

  • Mix Lentil Sprouts Kebab

    About Mix Lentil Sprouts Kebab Recipe: Love crispy yet soft kebabs with wholesome goodness? These mixed lentil sprout kebabs are exactly what you need!

  • Mix Sprout Spinach Pulao

    About Mix Sprout Spinach Pulao Recipe: Give your regular pulao a healthy spin with this mix sprouts pulao, full with the goodness of spinach. Quick, easy and wholesome!

  • Sprout, Pepper And Walnut Stir Fry

    About Sprout, Pepper And Walnut Stir Fry Recipe: A quick and easy 2-step vegetable stir-fry brimming with the goodness of Brussel sprouts and walnuts tossed in with cranberry sauce, this can be your go-to ...

  • Compressed Melon Sliders

    About Compressed Melon Sliders Recipe: An unconventional yet fresh and healthy concoction of melon, sprouts and watermelon foam.

  • Mixed Sprouts Corn Chaat

    About Mixed Sprouts Corn Chaat | Chaat Recipes | Corn Recipes: Craving for chaat? Try this healthy sprouts and corn chaat recipe. Laden with proteins, Vitamin K, dietary fiber, Vitamin C, and other essential nutrients, ...

  • Sproutamin Salad

    Sproutamin Salad Recipe: It couldn't get easier and healthier than this. Sprouts and fruits come together to make a good-for-you salad. Prepare this for a light breakfast or a mid-day meal and enjoy in a ...

  • Low Cal Bhel Puri

    About Low Cal Bhel Puri Recipe: Low calorie Indian snack, bhel puri with bean sprouts is a delicious yet healthy snack to munch on when having hunger pangs.

  • Sprouts Jalfrezi

    You've heard about the combination of so many vegetables or chicken jalfrezi how about tweak it a bit and cook up a healthier version of this dish with moong sprouts. Read the recipe below.

  • Matki Chi Usal

    Green grams cooked with jaggery, coconut, tomatoes and peanut powder. Served with pav or jowar roti.

  • Crispy Omelette Baskets

    Crispy Omelette Baskets Recipe : A fluffy omelette with vegetables, bean sprouts and crispy cashew nuts cut into thin strips. Placed inside crunchy and golden potato baskets. Sounds, interesting! Isn't it? A ...

  • Vaal (Bean Sprouts)

    Vaal (Bean Sprouts) Recipe : Vaal is cooked with creamy coconut paste and tangy masalas till it's soft and full of flavours and is served with steamed rice.

  • Usal

    A spicy snack of sprouts sauteed in masalas.

  • Sprout Chaat

    Craving tangy yet a healthy snack? Here it is! A super healthy snack of sprouted lentils and beans with lemon juice and spices.

  • Bean Sprout Salad

    Bean sprouts, carrots, cucumbers and spring onion doused with fresh dressing and seasoning.

  • Pad Thai (Fried Noodles)

    Flat noodles made with rice flour beautifully entangled with tofu, eggs, beansprouts and sauces.

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