Yoghurt Recipes

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  • Almond Millet Mathi & Chilli Yoghurt Dip

    Mathri is a traditional Indian biscuit recipe which is enjoyed mostly as an evening snack with a cup of tea. This recipe is a different and healthier option as it is made by using almond ...

  • Ragi Pancakes with Sausage Filling and Yoghurt Dip

    A delicious pancake made with ragi flour, and stuffed with a delicately spiced filling of sausages, baby corns, button mushrooms and red bell peppers. It is topped with a fresh yoghurt dip spiked with garlic ...

  • Tandoori Lamb Chops

    Tandoori Lamb Chops: Lamb chops marinated in strained yogurt and flavoursome masalas. Cooked till tender, this dish is a complete delight. Serve this with mint chutney and onion rings.

  • Yogurt Parfait

    About Yogurt Parfait Recipe: Re-energize with this healthy dessert. Multiple layers of yogurt, nuts, cereals, pine nuts and fruits.

  • Sour Cream

    Easy to make sour cream recipe. Sour cream can be used as a dip or as a spread for your toasts and bagels.

  • Spinach Raita

    Spinach raita is a refreshing yogurt-based dish made with spiced spinach and curd. you can serve spinach raita with pulao, biryani and dal roti.

  • Mint Yoghurt

    Unpublished (Draft) Mint Yoghurt

  • Lassi

    About Lassi Recipe: A chilled glass of lassi made with yogurt to cool down on a hot summer day. Prepare sweet or salty lassi at home with this easy recipe made with a handful of ...

  • Potatoes Bhujia with Besan ki Roti

    About Potatoes Bhujia with Besan ki Roti Recipe: Potatoes stirred in with masalas, curd and vegetables. Served with a besan ki roti.

  • Mexican Yogurt Dip

    Made with jalapenos, tabasco, capsicums and creamy yoghurt. This delicious Mexican dip goes with a range of finger foods.

  • Chinioti Mutton Machhli

    Special occasion mutton curried with yoghurt, tomatoes and saffron

  • Machcher Dompokht

    Fish cooked in a gravy of yoghurt, poppy seeds and almonds

  • Chicken Mousse

    Perfect for summer, as a main dish or starter, minced chicken in white sauce, cream and spiced butter, chilled overnight.

  • Chicken Rogini

    Chicken curried in spices and yoghurt finished with kewra water.

  • Banjara Gosht

    Mutton cooked in meat stock, masala and curd

  • Gudda's Paneer

    Rohit Bal a.k.a Gudda's special paneer marinated in curd and spices and then grilled.

  • Dahi Ke Kebab

    About Dahi Ke Kebab Recipe: Dahi ke kebab are a popular vegetarian snack option to prepare on special occasions or festivals. Made with spiced yogurt mixed with besan. paneer and a host of spices, these ...

  • Aloo ka Raita

    Beaten curd bulked up with pieces of boiled potato and flavoured with cumin seeds, pepper and coriander leaves.

  • Machli Ka Saalan

    Fresh fish cooked with almond paste and curd and finished with cream

  • Tabak Maas

    Marinated mutton ribs cooked with seasoning and milk, shallow fried in the end.

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