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  • Vichyssoise Soup

    A hearty and satisfying soup - tastes as good without the bacon. Serve cold in summer or hot in winter.

  • Cold Cream of Green Pea Soup

    An easy to make pea soup with the goodness of yogurt that can be served hot or cold.

  • Zen Soup

    Make a super healthy vegetable Zen Soup. It's rich and delicious! Eat it cold on a summer afternoon or warm on a winter's night and it will keep you going.

  • Cucumber Soup

    This is possibly the quickest of all soups we make at home, and along with my watermelon soup (below), it one of the coolest, most soothing summer dishes.

  •  Banana & Honey Smoothie

    A thick, slushy smoothie with the goodness of bananas, honey and pumpkin seeds.

  • Beetroot Soup

    Healthy and hearty soup of beetroot and bottle gourd, tastes good hot or cold.

  • Chilled Melon Soup

    A chilled soup of melons, grape juice and lime.

  • Chilled Watermelon and Beet Soup

    A fresh and fruity soup made with watermelon, beetroot, orange juice and cream. Serve chilled on a summery day!

  • Cold Tuna Salad

    A salad with tuna, boiled pasta and eggs. Served cold with a light dressing.

  • Cold Salad

    Add some color to your palate with this fresh and light-tasting cold salad. A quick and easy breakfast salad with paneer, corns and potatoes. Garnish with honey and red wine dressing.

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