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  • Shahi Egg Curry

    An easy but delicious egg curry made with aromatic spices, a hint of kasoori methi and cream. It is sure to score 10 on 10 at your dinner table.

  • Baked Egg

    Baked eggs are both easy to make and serve. Prosciutto slices topped with an egg, drizzled with truffle oil, mascarpone and some light seasoning. Baked and served in a ramekin.

  • Chettinad Egg Curry

    Easy to make egg curry. Hard boiled eggs tossed in masalas and sharpened with the tanginess of lemon juice.

  • Egg Chaat

    Flavors of tomato, tamarind and lemon spread on boiled eggs making it a tangy egg chaat.

  • Garlic and Egg Fried Rice

    An easy to whip up egg and garlic fried rice.

  • Goan Egg Curry

    A egg curry with three special ingredients - coconut cream, tamarind and poppy seeds, sets this recipe apart.

  • Steamed Tofu with Egg

    A healthy breakfast option. This tofu and egg dish is steamed with a hint of soy sauce and red chillies.

  • Egg Bhurji - Mumbai Style

    A personal favourite among all the eggetarians, scrambled eggs are easy to make. Fried and tossed with a host of spices, learn to cook it the Mumbai way!

  • Dabba Gosht

    An inventive recipe. A mix of mutton, bread and noodles is packed between layers of egg and baked!

  • Hokkien Fried Prawn Mee

    Squids and prawns tossed with egg noodles, it makes for an immensely satisfying meal. Top it with some fresh herbs for a zing.

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  • 6 Best Egg White Recipes

    Egg whites are the main source of protein in an egg while the yolks are large made up of cholesterol, fat soluble vitamins and minerals. Egg whites contain no carbs and are virtually fat free.

  • Egg Masks For Hair: 5 Simple Ways to Use this Magic Ingredient

    Egg masks for hair is one of the few surviving traditional hair care rituals of the world. Egg masks can prove to be an effective tool to naturally moisturise and uplift your hair.

  • An Egg a Day May Cut Stroke Risk: Study

    A daily dose of one egg daily - an affordable source of high quality protein - may cut the risk of suffering a stroke by 12 per cent, a new study has claimed.

  • 10 Best Boiled Egg Recipes

    Whether you're craving a nutritious snack or dippy eggs in a luscious gravy, we've got 10 of our best boiled egg recipes for you to choose from.

  • Vegetarian Egg! US Company Creates Plant-Based Egg

    Veg egg! In some good news for vegetarians, an artificial egg made entirely from plants has been developed by food scientists at a US company.The company has successfully created faux mayonnaise and a variety of ...

  • 10 Best Egg Recipes

    Best Egg Recipes - The much-loved comfort food and hugely versatile egg is back in vogue.

  • Ande ka Funda: Regional Variations of Egg From Across India

    World Egg Day is celebrated on the 2nd Friday of October every year. On this day, we pay homage to the mighty humble egg and tell the tale of India's love story with this ingredient.

  • Egg Paratha: The Indian Breakfast Treat That's All About a Simple Trick

    The best places to savour Egg Parathas are roadside stalls. They make it without the frills, yet diligently to serve you flavours at their best. Or, you can also try making it at home!

  • Don't Throw Away Those Egg Yolks Just Yet!

    Shunned for several decades by orthodox practitioners as a high cholesterol food wrongly believed to cause coronary heart disease, the egg is making the comeback it deserves.

  • Egg White Component Lowers Blood Pressure

    A study by American scientists presented Wednesday supports the view that a substance in egg white has the ability to lower blood pressure without negative effects.Scientists reported that a component of egg whites, already popular ...