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'Eggs' - 157 Recipe Result(s)

  • Devilled Eggs

    Devilled eggs, also known as picnic eggs, egg mimosa and Russian eggs, are stuffed with a creamy filling that can be spruced up in numerous ways using spices, herbs and sauces. It's ridiculously easy and ...

  • Chocolate Easter Eggs

    Make sinful Easter eggs using the finest white chocolate coverture from Callebaut. This recipe calls for cocoa butter colours to decorate the eggs.

  • Picnic Eggs

    Deep-fried eggs stuffed with ham, cheese and onion. These won't disappoint you!

  • Baked Eggs

    A quick brunch dish made with just a handful of ingredients. Onions, cherry tomatoes and spinach topped with whisked eggs and baked perfect.

  • Baked Eggs with Beans

    Eggs and beans, wrapped in a tangy tomato sauce and baked perfect.

  • Curried Eggs with Grilled Vegetables

    Boiled eggs cooked in the flavor and aroma of various masalas. Serve with some grilled veggies and a bowl of light lettuce salad.

  • Easter Eggs

    Made from cream, butter, sugar and eggs, to be glazed with icing of your choice.

  • Fully Loaded Eggs

    Chef Vicky Ratnani shows you how to deal with the morning buzz-kill. Sausages, ham, potatoes tossed together, topped with whisked eggs and baked perfect.

  • Parsi Eggs

    As the name suggests, this one is a traditional Parsi dish, popularly known as 'Akuri'. Scrambled eggs with mild spices eaten with bread, buns or rotis.

  • Tuna Stuffed Eggs

    Eggs stuffed with tuna mixture, served with tomato mayo and bread.

'Eggs' - 106 Article Result(s)

  • Devilled Eggs: The 3-Ingredient Recipe to Spruce Up Ordinary Eggs

    Devilled eggs are known by many monikers picnic eggs, egg mimosa, and Russian eggs, to name a few. What makes it extremely popular is the creamy filling with which the boiled eggs are stuffed ...

  • The Secret to Perfect Scrambled Eggs

    In the world of scrambled eggs, soft-scrambled eggs are the king of the breakfast table. Here's the best scrambled eggs recipe and tips and tricks to scramble an egg like never before.

  • Easy Weekend Recipes: Fried Eggs, Poached Egg With Salmon

    Simple meals to start the weekend - fried eggs with spicy tamarind sauce, and smoked salmon with poached eggs.Fried eggs with spicy tamarind dressingYou can up the ante and use duck eggs rather than ...

  • Brown Eggs vs White Eggs: What's the Difference?

    What's the difference between brown and white eggs? Are brown eggs really healthier or is that just a myth?

  • Felicity Cloake's Veggie Scotch Eggs - Recipe

    Spicy chickpeas replace the sausage meat in this easy vegetarian version of a classic scotch egg, from Felicity Cloake's perfect picnic.A British picnic classic with the flavours of Moorish Spain, these are as delicious as ...

  • 'All my Eggs Won the First Prize'

    James Buckle has been rearing chickens and selling eggs in the North York Moors since the age of eight.Ever since I was young I have liked chickens. My grandad always used to have them and ...

  • McDonalds Plans Shift to Eggs From Only Cage-Free Hens

    The company uses some 2 billion shell and liquid eggs annually, or a little more than 4 percent of the 43.56 billion eggs produced in the United States last year.

  • Eggs Healthier, Safer Than 30 Years Ago

    Eggs today are healthier, safer and more nutritious than they were 30 years ago because the feed given to hens has changed over the years, leading to less cholesterol and saturated fat in them, experts ...

  • Why Eggs Are Good For You

    Brimming with protein and vitamins and ready in minutes - fill your basket!With eggs to hand, you always have the makings of a simple, satisfying, near-instant meal. But lavish a little bit of effort on ...

  • How to Eat Eggs Benedict

    Its at least 120 years old, but with brunch more fashionable than ever in Britain, eggs Benedict is enjoying a moment. So, toast or muffins? Ham or proscuitto? There are key decisions to made here.