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Jaggery Recipes

'Jaggery' - 52 Recipe Result(s)

  • Gud Ka Halwa

    Gud Ka Halwa

    Indian dessert made with semolina, jaggery and loads of nuts. This halwa is perfect to ward off cold and cough blues.

  • Gur Aur Atte Ka Halwa

    Gur Aur Atte Ka Halwa

    Wheat flour, semolina and jaggery come together to make a quick and easy halwa.

  • Khatti Meethi Phaliyan

    Khatti Meethi Phaliyan

    Stir fried beans tossed with some tamarind, jaggery and a spicy coconut mixture. It's easy to make and full of Gujarati flavors. A little sweet, a little tangy!

  • Ragi Coconut Ladoo

    Ragi Coconut Ladoo

    Finger Millets (Ragi) is grown in the Himalayas and are usually inter-cropped with peanuts. Here's a yummy ladoo recipe from the wholesome, healthy produce with coconut, jaggery and crunchy peanuts.

  • Sticky Toffee Pudding

    Sticky Toffee Pudding

    One of the most loved puddings in Britain, this sticky toffee pudding is a comforting option on any day. The cake sponge is filled with dates and served with a warm walnut and jaggery sauce. ...

  • Zaffrani Pulao

    Zaffrani Pulao

    Rice cooked with saffron infused milk, jaggery, nuts and ghee. The sweetness and nuttiness of the rice is absolutely divine.

  • Crackling Duck and Lettuce Rolls

    Crackling Duck and Lettuce Rolls

    Oven cooked duck breast strips, drizzled with spiced palm jaggery sauce rolled into a lettuce leaf.

  • Ambal


    Prepare a bowlful of khatta meetha pumpkin, the Dogri style. Serve with steamed rice and rajma.

  • Gulgule


    Thick batter made out of atta, saunf, gur and ghee, deep fried.

  • Indonesian Baked Chicken

    Indonesian Baked Chicken

    Marinated in distinctive flavours, this gorgeous chicken is baked to precision.

  • Mango Pachadi

    Mango Pachadi

    Here is a simple recipe of pachadi with raw mangoes and jaggery. Tempered with red chillies and mustard seeds.

  • Mishti Doi

    Mishti Doi

    A very popular Bengali dessert. Mishti doi or meethi dahi is made by thickening milk and is sweetened with jaggery.

  • Panasa Thonalu

    Panasa Thonalu

    Panasa Thonalu (Flower kaajas) is a traditional Andhra sweet that is easy to make, good to look at and absolutely delicious.

  • Peanut Chikki

    Peanut Chikki

    A yummy peanut brittle or chikki made with jaggery. It is a perfect snack to gorge on in winters to keep your body warm.

  • Gur ki Roti

    Gur ki Roti

    Whole wheat flour soaked with milk-gur mixture to make sweet rotis, smeared with ghee. Deliciously sweet!

  • Spiced Banana Curry

    Spiced Banana Curry

    Fried chunks of banana tossed with coconut and jaggery. Tempered with mustard seeds and curry leaves. Served with plain steamed rice.

  • Amchoor ki Launji

    Amchoor ki Launji

    A sidekick that is sweet and sour in one bite! Made with dry mango powder, jaggery and spices.

  • Bissi Bele Bhath

    Bissi Bele Bhath

    Bissi Bele Bhath is a rice preparation popular in Karnataka. In kannada language it is also known as 'Bisi Bele Huliyanna' which means hot lentil rice. It is a type of khichdi with rice, arhar ...

  • Capsicum Stir Fry

    Capsicum Stir Fry

    Capsicum sauce presented with beans and bell peppers, sprinkled with honey, nuts and soy sauce.

  • Braised Plantain with Thai Spices

    Braised Plantain with Thai Spices

    Plantains cooked with shallots and a saucy paste of bell peppers, coconut, jaggery, tamarind pulp and seasoning. Accompanied with noodles or rice.