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  • Chamomile, Apple & Mint Iced Tea (My Yellow Table)

    Got some Chamomile tea bags? Chef Kunal Kapur shows how to make a quick, thirst quenching iced tea.

  • Honey-Lemon-Ginger Tea

    Brew up an aromatic cuppa with Devanshi, tea spiced with ginger, sweetened with honey.

  • Fruit Infused Tea

    Chef Kunal Kapur makes an exquisite tea blend combining berries, blueberries, ginger, orange, mint leaves with camomile tea.

  • Mango and Peach White Iced Tea

    Step up your iced tea game this summer, with this delicious blend of mango and peach.

  • Plum Cake

    A fruity and nutty cake with the goodness of dried cherries, almonds, raisins and many more dried fruits. Great as a dessert with a dollop of ice cream or works prefect with your evening tea ...

  • Chai ka Masala (Spice Mixture for Tea)

    Give your tea a twist with this chai masala. Make it once and use it for months. Water, milk, sugar and this chai masala for a flavorsome tea.

  • Iced Tea

    Beat the heat with a chilled glass of iced tea. This drink will cool you right down!

  • Jasmine Tea Rice

    Rice infused with jasmine tea, ginger and citrus flavors topped with some smoked veggies.

  • Earl-Y-Gin

    A gin-based cocktail infused with the tang of earl grey tea and the sweetness of cranberries.

  • Eternity

    Just like its name, this mocktail too has an interesting twist. A mixture of tea and fruit juices create a refreshing beverage.

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