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'Tikka' - 24 Recipe Result(s)

  • Microwave Paneer Tikka

    Crisp cottage cheese (paneer) pieces microwaved to make soft paneer tikkas infused with deep flavors. Paneer tikka is a perfect starter for a dinner party!

  • Putta Tikka

    Peshawari style mutton liver marinated in spices, wrapped in mutton fat and cooked on charcoal grill.

  • Chicken Tikka Masala

    A yummy creamy chicken recipe with a thick gravy. Full of flavor and masalas.

  • Laksa Chicken Tikka

    Marinated in the beautiful flavours of laksa paste and yogurt, chicken pieces are grilled over charcoal fire.

  • Barbecue Fish Tikka

    Marinated fish slowly roasted on hot tandoor.

  • Bhunne Besan Ka Murgh Tikka

    Chicken pieces soaked in assorted flavours and spices, put on a skewer and grilled.

  • Murgh Malai Tikka with Tandoori Mushroom and Truffle Cream

    Chicken leg boneless tikkas served with grilled mushrooms and truffle cream.

  • Paneer Tikka

    Every lavish Indian dinner party is sure to have some tikkas. Paneer, capsicum and onions marinated in a yogurt based marinade. Skewered and grilled till brown.

  • Reshmi Tikka

    Chicken pieces marinated in spices, curd and lime juice. Baked till crisp and golden.

  • Tandoori Tikka Seel Kand

    Supremes of chicken stuffed with pepper, onion, and mint, and charcoal grilled. Served on top of potato cakes with sundried tomatoes and a hint of mint. This dish is an elegant option for a dinner ...

'Tikka' - 6 Article Result(s)

  • How to make the perfect chicken tikka masala

    Is chicken tikka masala the ultimate spicy comfort food or a shameful British abomination - and is it worth making at home?Like many great dishes, the origins of chicken tikka masala (or CTM, as it's ...

  • Veggie Chicken Tikka Potato Chips! New Flavours Beckon.

    Fancy some vegetarian chicken tikka potato wafers and guava masala juice for an evening snack? Sounds strange to the ears of hardcore Indian veggies bred on leafy greens, energy drinks and cereals, isn't it? But ...

  • Does Chicken Tikka Have a Nationality? (Foodie Trail-Dubai)

    Food has the power to bring enemies together and this time it's the lip-smacking appetizer, the chicken tikka,

  • 10 Best Indian Chicken Recipes

    From tandoori Mughlai tikkas and the fragrant Nawabi biryanis to chicken doused in fresh coconut paste from down south - these chicken recipes bring out the best that was ever created with chicken!

  • How Does India Rate As A Wine Drinking Culture?

    The curry shops of Southall in London are a thing of the past and Indian fine dining doesn't stop at Chicken Tikka Masala, which is often described as England's national dish. Indian food has found ...

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    Here are our 10 best finger food recipes, from decadent cheese balls and tostadas to spicy chicken tikka croquettes and mutton cutlets.